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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find answer to your question? Read more about funding, or contact us.

Can I reapply with the same project after getting a refusal from the Fund?

A refusal is the Fund's final decision. A project previously rejected by the Fund cannot be re-submitted.

Can I, as a Swedish distributor, apply for distribution support for a Swedish film being released in Sweden?

Unfortunately not. Only Nordic distributors of non-national Nordic films can apply for distribution support. For further information please see our Guidelines under General Conditions 3.2 and Specific Conditions, 9 Funding for Film Distribution.

Can our company fill in two or more applications at the same time?

Yes, you can draft and/or submit multiple applications.

Can our company have more than one account?

Yes. Remember to register with the same VAT number. The administrator can invite you directly or approve your account after registering.

Can we apply for funding with only 60% confirmed financing?

Unfortunately not. You can apply with a financing plan, showing minimum 70% confirmed financing.

Do you grant development funding?

Unfortunately not. Only development initiatives as Nordic Talents.

Do you grant funding for short films?

Unfortunately not.

Do you have any application deadlines?

There are no specific application dates or deadlines to apply for funding from Nordisk Film & TV Fond. You can submit your application at any time, but in accordance with our Guidelines.

Do you have any information about co-production programmes?

Please check our online website: Co-producing with the Nordics.

Do you have any requirements for repayment?

Yes, the Fund will recoup production support when Break-Even is reached. For further information please see our Guidelines under General Conditions, Recoupment. A template for calculation of the Fund's Break-Even-Point and Reimbursement Percentage is available to download here, or see your contract.

How do I add our company's bank details?

The administrator of your company can add bank details in the menu. Press "Manage company".
Remember to confirm these details before requesting an instalment.

How do I change my email adress?

If you have a new email address, you must update your profile in the portal, by replacing the old address with the new one.

To do so: First click on your name at the top right of the portal. Then open My Profile. By clicking the pencil in My Portal, you can change your email address. Note that the new email address must be verified.

How do I edit a submitted application?

If you want to make changes to a submitted application, press reopen application. Remember that you must submit it again in the end to update the application. If you do not re-submit, the originally submitted application will be processed.

How do I save an ongoing application?

The portal auto-saves automatically every 5 minutes or when you press "Next" or "Save".

How long is your processing time?

Our normal processing time for applications is 5-6 weeks from the application is approved for evaluation by The Fund.
Extra processing time must be expected before the Fund's summer holiday, or Christmas and Easter.

How much can I apply for?

Please read the Fund's Funding Policy: CLICK HERE.

How shall we credit the Fund?

Productions that have received funding shall credit the Fund. From the opening and/or closing credits, and other information material, it shall be evident that the film/series has been produced with the support of Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

Crediting shall be approved by the Fund (contact the relevant Senior Advisor) and shall appear on equal terms with the main national financier. Our logo is available for download here.

Do not translate our company name, it should always be written: Nordisk Film & TV Fond

I have received support from the Fund, how do I request an instalment?

First the contract must be signed by both parties. If you haven't received a contract, please contact your Advisor/Senior Advisor via the portal. See question: “Who is my Advisor/Senior Advisor.”

You will find necessary information in the portal regarding all instalments. Please remember to add and/or confirm bank details and submit all required documents.

Is it possible to apply for production support when principal photography has started?

In case of feature film or drama series; a complete application must be submitted before principal photography or main animation starts. For documentary-applications exceptions can be made. Contact the relevant Senior Advisor before you apply if you are in doubt.

The deadline for submitting reports has expired. What do I do?

If the deadline for submitting any report, payment request or similar has expired, you must contact the Advisor/Senior Advisor via the portal.
See question: “Who is my Advisor/Senior Advisor.”

We have pre-sold our project to a Nordic media company/streaming service that isn't one of The Fund's partners, can we still apply?

The Fund does not contribute to the funding of a project that has been pre-sold for distribution in one or more Nordic countries to a media company/streaming service that is not one of the Other Financing Partners of the Fund. Exceptions can be made for projects where the media company/streaming service and Other Financing Partner(s) of the Fund share distribution rights. The rights must then be shared in all the Nordic countries where the media company/streaming service has pre-bought distribution rights.

For further information please see our Guidelines.

What do you mean by "Delegate producer"?

Only the project’s delegate producer, meeting the conditions in the fund’s guidelines article 2.1 can apply.

The delegate producer is responsible for the overall execution of the production, which includes financial- and creative decisions. The applicant must be able to provide documentation of having entered into agreements securing the above mentioned rights.

The delegate producer is responsible to Nordisk Film & TV Fond for the completion of the production in accordance with the signed contract, and within the guidelines of the Fund.

To read the Fund's guidelines: CLICK HERE.

What do you mean by significant funding?

To apply for production funding you must have significant funding from one of the Fund's partners. Please contact the Senior Advisor to discuss the matter if you are uncertain that your funding from one of our partner is significant, before applying.

What is national base funding?

National base funding is defined as funding provided by sources in the main producerʼs home country, e.g. national film institutes / funds, regional film funds, the Fundʼs TV Partners and distributors.

What is the Fund's funding policy on sequels and returning seasons?

As of January 1st 2021, film sequels and returning seasons of drama series are no longer eligible for production support.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

The maximum size for attachments is 50 MB. If you want to upload film or such that is over 50 MB, please send it via a link. If any other material is over 50 MB, you can also choose to compress it.

What kind of files can I upload?

All attachments must be one of the following formats: doc, docm, docx, xls, xlsm, xlsx, ppt, pptx, jpeg, jpg, tif, tiff, png, gif, bmp, pdf, rtf, txt, msg, odt, ods, mp4, mov, xml, mp3. We prefer pdf on all attachments, except jpg and mp4 for visual material.

Name the file in accordance with its content and date of uploading. The title shouldn’t be too long, or contain signs like: ‘, “, &, #, ¨, (, ), / etc. Replace any blank space between two words with _ or -.

What should I prepare before applying?

Read the Fund's Guidelines, Funding Policy, and the relevant Check list. This will help you to prepare required documents before applying.

What will happen if the budget/financing changes after contract is signed?

Please inform the Advisor/Senior Advisor via the portal. See question: “Who is my Advisor/Senior Advisor.”

The support amount will stay the same if the budget increases. If the budget is significantly reduced, the support will be reduced by a corresponding percentage. In both cases, the possible repayment percentage and the break-even point will change.

When should I deliver preliminary edit?

The preliminary edit (also called offline / rough cut) must be delievered via the portal at the earliest four weeks, and at the latest two weeks, before locked edit.

Where and how do I upload the offline, and other material such as stills/poster?

Please upload the offline / preliminary edit via the portal with link and password, by latest two weeks before the lock of the edit. The upload is required to receive the 3rd instalment. Check the task list of the 3rd payment request, for more info.

All materials, such as portraits, stills, posters and trailers, are to be uploaded in the portal. When uploading final materials, please confirm the project’s title and the date of its premiere. All mandatory material should be sent in before the 4th payment request.

Where do I find my ongoing or submitted application?

To find an application in the portal you can click on Applications in the left menu. Applications in draft status are also listed here, i.e. drafted applications that have not yet been submitted.
By default, only active applications are displayed. To find other applications, please click on the Inactive button.

Which format should the finished film/series/documentary be delivered in?

In the 4th payment request you will be able to add a downloadable link and password. The film must be high-quality in mov or mpeg/mp4 (1920x1080), with English or Scandinavian subtitles. Preferably without watermarks.

Who can apply for funding?

Please read the Fund's guidelines: CLICK HERE.

Who is allegeable to apply for production funding?

The applicant must be a production company which is residing in one of the five Nordic Countries, another EU/EEA member state or Switzerland, and must have documented experience in audiovisual production.

The production company/applicant must have established a business premise or equivalent in one of the five Nordic countries under applicable law. Further the applicant must meet the other conditions in our Guidelines.

Who are the Fund's partners/parties?

The parties of the Fund are The Nordic Council of Ministers, Danish Film Institute, DR, TV2 Denmark, Finnish Film Foundation, Yle, MTV Oy, Icelandic Film Centre, RUV, Sýn hf, Síminn, Norwegian Film Institute, NRK, TV2 Norway, Discovery Networks Norway, VGTV, Swedish Film Institute, SVT, TV 4, Discovery Networks Sweden, C More and Viaplay Group.

Who is my Advisor/Senior Advisor?

The advisor for distribution and dubbing is Mathias K. Ferre. The Senior Advisor for feature film and drama series is Torleif Hauge, and the advisor for documentaries is Lise Løwholm. Karolina Lidin is the Senior Advisor. Lise Løwholm is also the advisor for industry initiatives.

Why is my account not approved?

When you register a new account linked to a company, it stays in the status "to be approved" while being processed for apporval by your company’s adminstrator or by the Fund.

If you are the first user associated with the company, the Fund will approve your administrator role within a few days.

If the company is already registered in the portal, one or more of an applying company’s users will have the role of administrator(s). Ask your administrator to approve your account.