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Funding Programmes

Nordisk Film & TV Fond supports Nordic feature films, drama series and creative documentaries of high quality. Our funding programmes are:

  • Production funding for feature films
  • Production funding for drama series
  • Production funding for documentaries
  • Funding for distribution and slate distribution
  • Funding for dubbing
  • Funding for industry initiatives

General information

Production Funding
The Fund's production funding may be applied for by production companies who are majority/delegate producers of the project and meets the conditions in our guidelines point 2.1.

The film/series/documentary must be:

  • Suited for Nordic public cinema distribution and/or TV/streaming distribution
  • Considered to have a significant audience potential for its genre, primarily in the Nordic countries, and secondarily in the global market

The following must be confirmed:

  • National base funding
  • Significant funding from at least one of the Fund's parties
  • Minimum 70% of the financing
  • Distribution from one or more of the Fund’s parties
  • Distribution in a minimum of two Nordic countries

The application must be:

  • Submitted before principal photography/main animation starts
  • Submitted via our online application system
  • Written in English or a Scandinavian language, including all attachments

Distribution and Dubbing support
Nordic distributors of non-national Nordic films can apply for distribution support for a single film, or slate funding for two or three films. When applying for slate, expenses may be included for hiring a marketing person to work specifically with the marketing of the films. Nordic production companies, or the Nordic distributor in the country where the film will be released, can apply for dubbing support of children films. To obtain support, the individual films must have been well received in the home country or have a significant audience potential within their target group, in one or more Nordic countries.

Industry Initiatives
Organizers of initiatives such as workshops, seminars or festival programs that may strengthen the competence of the joint professional Nordic audiovisual community may apply for support. Applicants should elaborate on the specific Nordic aspect of their initiative.

    Funding Policy

    The main part of the Fund’s yearly budget goes to top-financing Nordic audiovisual productions. The Fund also supports inter-Nordic distribution and dubbing of children’s content to Nordic languages. All projects aimed at children and youth get special attention.

    To promote future and long-term Nordic quality and to support international business opportunities on a general level, the Fund finances industry initiatives and commissions pan-Nordic surveys.


    • The Fund finances high-quality feature films, drama series, animation productions and documentaries with significant audience potential primarily in the Nordic region and secondarily internationally.
    • The definition of significant audience might vary depending on project type and target audiences.
    • There are no particular requirements for common Nordic themes or for any pan Nordic spend.
    • Funding decisions consider an overall assessment, including:
      o The overall quality proven by scripts and other content documents.
      o Originality and diversity as elements of quality.
      o Previous work and experience of the talent involved.
      o Guaranteed distribution commitments and marketing plans.
      o The feasibility of the project on basis of financial and other conditions.
    • The Fund focuses on new talent through various initiatives (like Nordic Talents), and production funding is rarely given to works by debutant directors and/or producers.
    • Minimum 50% of the fiction funding is allocated to feature films.
    • Of the total production budget, the Fund’s support percentage average is around 3% for drama series, around 5% for feature films and around 9% for documentaries.


    • The Fund supports distribution of Nordic films in neighbouring Nordic countries.
    • The distributors own investment should be minimum 25% of the total cost.
    • The distribution support can cover up to 40% of the total costs.
    • The maximum support sum is NOK 150 000 per fiction film, apart from films targeted to children and/or young audiences, which can apply for support up to NOK 200 000 per film.
    • The maximum support for the distribution of documentaries is NOK 200 000 per film.
    • The limits are the same per film when applying for Slate Distribution.

    • The Fund supports dubbing of children’s films to other Nordic languages than the film’s original one.
    • The distributor/producers own investment should be minimum 25% of the total cost.
    • The support for dubbing can cover up to 50% of the total costs, with the maximum support of NOK 100 000 per film/language.

      Industry Initatives

      • The Fund supports industry initiatives that promote Nordic content, development and/or offer Nordic professional players new insights, business opportunities and international networking opportunities.

      Application process

      Find Frequently Asked Questions on funding in the Funding-menu and in the application portal.

      Register in the application portal
      An administrator must first be registered by all companies. The administrator can then approve or invite additional users within the same company. For enhanced security the portal have implemented additional account verification measures.

      Administrator registrations will be approved and activated by the Fund continuously, during the Fund's opening hours.

      Apply for funding
      We recommend you to check the relevant Checklist, where you will find information on the steps in the application and documents you should prepare on beforehand.

      Before submitting a application you will have to confirm you have read the Guidelines and Funding Policy, and agree to our privacy policy.

      Evaluation process and criteria
      When the application is complete it will proceed to processing by the Fund's CEO in cooperation with the respective Senior Advisors/Project Manager. The Statutes, Guidelines and Funding Policy provide the Fund's general framework.

      We will make a comprehensive evaluation of the project on the basis of artistic- and audience-related criteria, as well as an evaluation of the project’s financial needs (production needs). Furthermore, it will be evaluated whether the economic conditions for the execution of the project are realistic, both in regard to production, marketing and distribution.

      Applications are assessed only once. It is therefore important to apply with as complete script(s) and documentation, including distribution guarantees and marketing plans, as possible.

      The Fund may seek advice from freelance consultants or readers.

      Applications are evaluated on a continuous basis. The normal processing time is 5-6 weeks and starts when the application is approved for evaluation by The Fund. Extra processing time must be excepted for applications completed less than 6 weeks before the Fund's summer holiday in July, or shortly before Christmas and Easter.

      The Fund's CEO signs the decisions and is responsible to the Board of Directors for them. A decision letter of granting or refusal will be sent digitally to the applicant. If funding is granted, the Letter of Commitment will contain the amount. Enclosed with it you will find a list of required documents and other obligations needed for drawing up the contract.

      A refusal is the Fund's final decision. A project previously rejected by the Fund cannot be re-submitted.