Reinvent launches 10-title line-up at MIPCOM

17 OCTOBER 2018

Last Light / PHOTO: Reinvent Studios

Exclusive: Scandi-based world distributor makes a splash at first market with an eclectic slate of high-end TV dramas across all genres and formats.   

Today you need to come out much earlier on the market, because platforms and broadcasters want to secure rights from idea or development stage.


Just a few weeks after signing a strategic partnership with SF Studios, The Nordic packaging, sales and financing company REinvent Studios attracted a lot of attention from world buyers in Cannes. 

The company’s founder Rikke Ennis said: “Not in a million years would I have thought that at our first MIPCOM we would have such an amazing and diverse catalogue, that fits specifically into the needs of the market. Buyers seem to have embraced the combination of our own slate, SF Studios titles and third party pick-ups. It shows that there is an appetite and a will to see new things on the market,” she told 


Reinvent launches 10-title line-up at MIPCOM

Reinvent Studios, Isabelle Péchou, Peter Ahlén, Rikke Ennis, Helene Aurø / PHOTO: Annika Pham

Commenting on market trends, Helene Aurø, Director of Sales and Marketing said REinvent’s large number of projects in development [8 out of 10] matches buyers’ new urge to move at pre-sales stage. “Today you need to come out much earlier on the market, because platforms and broadcasters want to secure rights from idea or development stage. For instance a country like Poland which didn’t pre-buy in the past, is now ready to do it because of the pressure and competition on the market.”

REinvent’s Sales Manager Peter Ahlén added: “With so much content on the market, I was afraid we would be pitching too early, but people do seem willing to take more risks, in particular platforms that don’t have the same kind of risk exposure.”  Reinvent’s ‘New Nordic Content’ line up pitched at MIPCOM is the following:

Completed series:

  • The New Nurses (Sygeplejeskolen) - 6x40’, Denmark
    Premieres October 21 on TV2 Charlie and TV2 Play.
    Directed by Roni Ezra (April 9th), base on a script by The Reunion’s co-writers Claudia Boderke and Lars Mering. Produced by SF Studios.  The hospital drama chronicles the early intake and training of male nurses in post-war Denmark. In the title roles are Morten Hee Andersen (Ride Upon the Storm) and Molly Blixt Egeling (A Second Chance). “The series has attracted a lot of interest from buyers all over the world and is already the subject of a bidding war,” says Aurø. 

  • Hashtag - 8x15’, Sweden
    Produced by Zentropa Sweden for SVT Play. 
    Youth series inspired by the true story of ‘Instagram riots’ that took place in Göteborg in 2012. The series explores social media’s effect on young people and how small events can have great consequences. The 2016 title had not yet been picked up for international distribution. “The show came out too early in a way, but now digital buyers are craving for short format youth series,” notes Ahlén.

In Development:

  • Ragnhild Goes Bad - 8x45’, Norway 
    Created by Vibeke Idsøe (The Lion Woman) and Helen Vikstvedt, produced by Filmkameratene and SF Studios. 
    A housewife turned criminal, Ragnhild is the most unlikely drug dealer in Norway. But nothing can stop her from saving her house and securing a pension. 

  • First Responders -12x44’, Sweden
    Created by Henrik Sylven and Joakim Hansson (Johan Falk
    ). Produced by SF Studios.  
    Procedural drama set in Scandinavia’s largest ski resort in Northern Sweden. The daily life of six emergency specialists and their ability to cope with stressful situations. 

  • Till Death Do Us Apart - 8x55’, Sweden 
    Produced by Harmonica Films and SF Studios. 
    Next big Swedish crime drama by some of Sweden’s top TV drama writers: Björn Carlström (The Hunters), Stefan Thunberg (Hamilton) and Veronica Zacco (Thicker than Water, Farang).  The show tells of the high price a couple has to pay in order to hide a dark secret, a secret that binds them and rips them apart.

  • Midwinter Blood - 8x45’, Sweden 
    Created by Kristina Svärd, directed by Daniel di Grado (
    Jordskott 2, Hidden). Produced by SF Studios. 
    High concept supernatural thriller set in Uppsala University. A group of youngsters embark on a journey of existential exploration and the hunt for a killer. 

  • Awake - 8x25’, Sweden 
    Created/directed by rising talent Johan Storm, co-creator with Emilio di Stefano and Amanda Leissner. Produced by Zentropa Sweden.
    Thriller about a group of students who take part in a medical study in which they are kept awake for 25 consecutive days. But messing around with nature has a price. 

  • Hope - 8x45’ 
    Sci-fi drama created by Lars Lundström (Real Humans) for Eyeworks Belgium and Reinvent Studios. 
    A Scandinavian Noah’s Ark sent to colonise planet Mars. 

  • Wilderness 8x45’ Norway
    Dramedy created by Kim Fupz Aakeson for Paradox, Norway and Reinvent Studios.
    In the small mining town of Røros in Northern Norway, there is not shortage of alcohol, guns or secrets.  
  • Last Light 6x52' 
    Produced by France’s Make it Happen Sweden’s Brain Academy and REinvent Studios.
    Dystopian drama based on UK writer Alex Scarrow’s eponymous novel.  The series will explore the implosion of modern society when oil supplies suddenly drop to crisis point. The story unfolds around a family whose lives are changed forever by the societal breakdown that ensues