Nominated writer: Cilla Jackert

THIN BLUE LINE (Tunna blå linjen)
Sweden, 2021
Nominated writer: Cilla Jackert
Co-writers: Erik Arhnbom, Malin Marmgren
Directors: Sanna Lenken (conceptual director), Anders Hazelius, Mikael Hansson
Producers: Martin Persson, Erik Magnusson
Produced by: Anagram Sverige for SVT
Premiere: January 17 2021
Sales: ITV Studios

The work of the Swedish Malmö police is gritty and unglamorous. Dealing with death, social misery and the growth of criminal activity in the city’s notorious problem areas, they keep their spirits up thanks to the strong bonds of the police force. The story centres around the lives of four police officers as they struggle to keep their human values intact.

Cilla Jackert's bio
Cilla Jackert is a screenwriter since 1995. She has created and been the headwriter of several series such as SPUNG, SPUNG 2.0, Lite som du, Svaleskär and Thin Blue Line. She wrote the screenplay for the feature film Shed no tears and got nominated for best screenplay at Guldbaggegalan 2014. Cilla also works as a children's book writer.

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