As WW2 approaches an end, a group of German POWs – boys rather than men – are captured by the Danish army and forced to engage in a deadly task: the defusing and clearing of land mines along the Danish coast. The boys, who have had little or no training, soon discover the war to be far from over.

Inspired by real events, Land of Mine reveals the untold story of a tragic moment in post-war history.

Jury motivation: Telling a compelling story about a person’s development is one thing. Recreating history and truly placing us in the middle of it is something else entirely. And it is still something else to dare challenge the Danish national spirit where it hurts. Martin Zandvliet’s Land of Mine deftly accomplishes all three with its almost unbearably intense story of teenage German soldiers forced to remove mines along the west coast of Jutland after the Second World War. It is impossible to view Land of Mine without reflecting on one’s view of human nature and one’s national sentiments.

Jury members: Per Juul Carlsen, Jacob Wendt, Eva Novrup Redvall

For full production notes and high res photos of director, producer and poster see Press kit. The information is available in the Nordic languages and English.