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Nordic Talents 2022

A Nordic network is essential for the industry - Nordic Talents is the place to meet!

Nordic Talents is an important platform for talent scouting and networking across the Nordics. Within an informal and including atmosphere Nordic Talents builds bridges between upcoming talents and established audiovisual professionals.

When: 7-8 September 2022

Where: The National Film School of Denmark, CPH

NT19 Cinema / PHOTO: Torleif Hauge
NT19 Dinner / PHOTO: Torleif Hauge
NT19 Mingling / PHOTO: Torleif Hauge



  • Pitch Competition
  • Graduation film screenings
  • A producer's pitch, in which professional producers introduced themselves and their companies
  • Award Ceremony

Former winners

This is the 22nd edition of Nordic Talents! Since the start in 2001 many gifted graduation students have presented their projects on stage. Of these, several have made their way to the big screen, others are in development.

Among the former Nordic Talents’ award winners (and projects) are: Erik Richter Strand (Sons), Lisa Munthe and Helen Ahlsson (The Arm-wrestler from Solitude), Marja Pyykkö (Run Sister Run), Runar Runarsson (Volcano), Jan Rahbek (Marco Macaco), Karzan Kader (Bekas), Antti Heikki Pesonen (Headfirst), Maria Bäck (I Remember When I Die), Hlynur Palmasson (Winter Brothers), Gustav Møller and Lina Flint (The Guilty), Fanni Metelius (The Heart), Thora Lorenzen (Absolute Beginners), Teresia Fant (Stories from the Shower).

Nordic Talents’ centre piece is the FILM GRADUATES PITCH COMPETITION whereby 15 pre-selected projects from graduating Nordic writers, directors and/or producers will be vying for the NOK 250,000 Nordic Talents Pitch Prize and NOK 50,000 Special Mention Prize.

Three of five prominent film & TV professionals sitting on this year’s jury have been confirmed:

  • Danish actress and director Charlotte Sieling (Margrete-Queen of the North, The Bridge, Borgen, Homeland)
  • Swedish producer and director David Herdies, founder of Momento Film (Madame Luna, Bellum, Tiny Tim: King for a Day, Transnitra)
  • Finnish producer Ilkka Matila, co-founder of MRP Matila Röhr Productions (All the Sins, The Eternal Road, Mother of Mine).

“It is an honour to be invited to the jury of this acclaimed event,” said Matila. “It’s thrilling to see how filmmaking in our territory is evolving, and to get to know the works of the next generation of Nordic talents.”

Herdies added: "I am truly honoured to be invited as part of the jury for the Nordic Talents! For me, following the early steps in talents’ careers is one of the true passions of my work as a producer. I love to meet new directors and writers who are exploring their unique voices, finding their own paths and who are challenging me in my own perception of what films and audiovisual worlds can be. I'm especially looking forward to attending this year’s edition as I think Nordic talents are booming right now!”

Nordic Talents’ other highlight - the PRODUCERS’ PITCH will be the opportunity for 8-12 Nordic producers to engage with new talents, in a reverse pitch exercise.

For the first time, the Producers’ Pitch will be held on the Thursday afternoon (September 8), before the awards ceremony, to allow more time for producers to outline their company’s DNA, type of projects that they are looking for, and support offered to rising talents.

The session will be moderated by Noemi Ferrer, DR Sales Executive Director.

To sign up for the Producers’ Pitch, producers are invited to contact Nordic Talents organiser Tina í Dali Wagner:

Nordic Talents will be held for the 22nd time. This year’s line-up of competing projects from graduating students will be announced June 24.

Who can attend the event

  • Recently graduated Nordic film- or TV BA- or MA students (2021-2022).
  • A limited number of next year’s graduation students can attend as observers (2022-2023).
  • Nordic industry professionals like producers, financiers, distributors and others who are looking for new talent and networking opportunities.

There is a limited number of seats. To attend you must register. Registration will open mid June.

Practical information

  • The program will be held in English.
  • Films will be screened with English subtitles.
  • Nordic Talents is free of charge.
  • All meals served at the Film School are included.
  • Payment at the bar only by Danish cash or MobilePay. Credit cards are not accepted.
  • Contact: Tina í Dali Wagner | Project Manager Nordic Talents | | +45 40409829

Event News

Nordic Talents 2022 pitch competition entries unveiled

Nordic Talents 2022 artwork / PHOTO: NFTVF

Nordic Talents 2022 pitch competition entries unveiled

Nordic Talents 2022 artwork / PHOTO: NFTVF

Fifteen projects from 16 rising Nordic talents have been selected for the NORDIC TALENTS Pitch competition, to be held on-site at the National Film School of Denmark September 7-8.


To download the full press release - Nordic Talents 2022 Pitch Competition Entries Unveiled 23 06 2022

The Nordic Talents Pitch competition is the centre piece of NORDIC TALENTS, organised by Nordisk Film & TV Fond, in collaboration with host partner the National Film School of Denmark in Copenhagen.

Film graduates from Nordic film schools have a unique opportunity to win the NOK 250,000 Nordic Talents Pitch Prize or the NOK 50,000 Special Mention Prize towards the development of their first feature-length fiction or documentary film, drama series or animated project.

Six of the projects selected this year are documentaries, five are feature films and four are drama series, and among the fiction projects, five are in the comedy genre.

This year’s jury of prominent industry professionals who will hand out the two Nordic Talents awards on Thursday September 8 are the following:

  • Diana Bartha, Head of International Sales & Acquisitions (Wild Bunch Television, France)
  • Marianne Furevold-Boland, Executive Producer (NRK Drama, Norway)
  • David Herdies, producer and director (Momento Films, Sweden)
  • Ilkka Matila, producer (MRP Matila Röhr Productions, Finland)
  • Charlotte Sieling, director, actress, scriptwriter (Denmark)

Other highlights at NORDIC TALENTS include:

  • a Producers’ Pitch with 8-12 Nordic producers
  • Screenings of the pitch competitors’ graduation films.

Internationally-acclaimed Nordic directors who have attended NORDIC TALENTS in the past include Ali Abbasi (Holy Spider), Anna Eborn (Transnistra, Pine Ridge), Juho Kuosmanen (Compartment No6), Gustav Möller (The Guilty, Dark Heart), Hlynur Pálmason (Godland, Winter Brothers), May el-Toukhy (Queen of Hearts) among others.


  • 21 Days (fiction)
    The Norwegian Film School
    Pitcher: writer/director Michael Mellemløkken Renjo (graduation film The Homeland)
    Logline: A former refugee learns that his new life in Oslo is coming to an end.
  • All the Light That Remains (documentary)
    ELO Film School, Finland
    Pitcher: writer/director Moona Pennanen (graduation film The Land that Rises and Descends)
    Logline: When a new mine is planned, a deserted village confronts the ghosts of the past.
  • Airhorse (documentary)
    HDK-Valand, Sweden
    Pitcher: director Sally Jacobson (graduation film Systema Naturae-or a Metaphoric Masturbation on Man’s Magic of Mastering)
    Logline: Hybrid film about man’s relationship to the horse.
  • Exchange and Return (fiction)
    ELO Film School, Finland
    Pitcher: director/DOP Jesse Jalonen (graduation film Nobody Meets Your Eyes)
    Logline: Deadpan comedy about the (im)possibilities of changing one’s path, identity, surroundings and shoe size.
  • Johan Johanaš (fiction)
    ELO Film School, Finland
    Pitcher: writer/director Suvi West (graduation film Our Silent Struggle)
    Logline: Máret tries to find her own strength in the world full of rapers and lovers.
  • Lame (fiction)
    The Norwegian Film School
    Pitched by writer Sunniva Kviteberg (graduation film Superdupermegagigasingle)
    Logline: I dare you to come closer.
  • My Iris Within (fiction)
    The Norwegian Film School
    Pitcher: director Emma Lund Rasmussen (graduation film My Idiotic Heart)
    Logline: When the hope leaves you, you must find your inner Iris.
  • My Name is Man (documentary)
    HDK-Valand, Sweden
    Pitcher: director Evangelos Kollias (Vangelis) (graduation film How to Say Goodbye)
    Logline: Named by the society.
  • Porter (fiction)
    The Norwegian Film School
    Pitcher: director Lisa Etnes (graduation film Porter)
    Logline: Stories about the invisible who sees everything.
  • Santaland (documentary)
    ELO Film School, Finland
    Pitcher: director Niko Väistö (graduation film Polar Night Light)
    Logline: Christmas of a sled dog guide and elf.
  • Short Story of Longing (documentary)
    The Norwegian Film School
    Pitcher: director Katinka Marie Hustad (graduation film Short Story of Longing)
    Logline: Can untreated pain be inherited through generations?
  • Spirit of the Glass (fiction)
    HDK-Valand, Sweden
    Pitcher: writer/director Lina Berger (graduation film Inside the Aquarium)
    Logline: Where do we go when we die?
  • The Dandelion Children (documentary)
    The Norwegian Film School
    Pitcher: director/DOP Ida Theresa Myklebost (graduation film The Dandelion Children-Ep 1 Going Home)
    Logline: Close up and realistic portraits of dandelion children as they have grown up.
  • The Rhythms (fiction)
    The Norwegian Film School
    Pitcher: director/DOP Magnus Lysbakken (graduation film Look!)
    Logline: Film about snow outside the window, tractors in convoys, children learning and breathing.
  • Titanic Club (fiction)
    The Norwegian Film School
    Pitchers: director Håkon Anton Olavsen (graduation film Superdupermegagigasingle) and writer Sunniva Kviteberg (graduation film Superdupermegagigasingle)
    Logline: Love takes balls.

For further information, contact NORDIC TALENTS organiser: Tina í Dali Wagner


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Nordic Talents reminder - application for project entries closes June 1st

Nordic Talents 2022 artwork / PHOTO: NFTVF

Nordic Talents reminder - application for project entries closes June 1st

Nordic Talents 2022 artwork / PHOTO: NFTVF

Nordic film graduates - don’t miss the opportunity to win NOK 250,000 towards your first film or series, and to network with 200 decision-makers and follow Nordic graduates.

Apply before June 1st, 13.00 CEST CLICK HERE.

The sought-after Nordic Talents pitch competition and networking event, organised by Nordisk Film & TV Fond, will unfold on-site between September 7-8, at the National Film School of Denmark, host and partner.

Earlier Nordic Talents participants include the National Film School of Denmark graduates Ali Abbasi, winner of a Cannes Film Festival Best Actress award to Zar Amir Ebrahimi for his Danish film Holy Spider, and Hlynur Pálmason whose feature Godland screened at Cannes' Un Certain Regard this year.

Besides the centrepiece Competition where film graduates can win the NOK250,000 Pitch Prize or the NOK 50,000 Special Mention Prize, Nordic Talents includes:

  • A Pitch Training with experienced tutors Valeria Richter (creative producer/scriptwriter/pitch & script coach, Nordic Factory Cph) and Paul Tyler (creative consultant, Handling Ideas)
  • A Producers’ Pitch from 10-12 established Nordic producers
  • Graduation film screenings
  • A case study or masterclass
  • Networking opportunities
  • The award ceremony, to be held September 8.

The names of the five prominent Nordic Talents jury members and the full programme will soon be announced.

Please visit our webpage for further information about NORDIC TALENTS 2022: CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions or for further information, please contact Nordic Talents organiser: Tina í Dali Wagner, E-mail

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