Production Support

Feature film

  • Kevlar Soul
    Grant: NOK 1,100,000
    Recipient: Zentropa Sweden
    Producer: Ronny Fritsche, Lizette Jonjic
    Director Maria Eriksson-Hecht
    Writer: Pelle Rådström
    Logline: When love enters the lives of two teenage brothers, their protected symbiosis is shattered. For one of them it's the beginning of a healing process, for the other one it's the first step towards destruction.

    Kevlar Soul is the feature debut of Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts graduate Maria Eriksson-Hecht who won multiple-awards for her short films Schoolyard Blues (2017) and If You Leave Me Now (2014). Filming is due to start this summer. Further details TBA.


  • The Doctrine (Doktrinen)
    Format: 6X45’
    Grant: NOK 2,000,000
    Recipient: Anagram Sweden
    Producer: Erik Magnusson
    Head-writer: Jens Jonsson
    Director: Jens Jonsson, Johan Lundin
    Main cast: Josefin Neldén, Anna Sise, August Wittgenstein
    Commissioner: TV4
    World sales: Newen Connect
    Logline: Freelance journalist Nina is pulled into the innermost corridors of the Swedish government and realises that she plays a central role in a political power struggle with the fate of the nation at stake. But the question is: which side is she on?

    Filming starts in March on the political thriller series, based on Magnus Montelius’ acclaimed suspense novel Eight Months (Åtta månader). The Anagram Sweden production is co-produced by TV4, Film i Väst, Aurora Studios and Belgium’s Beside Productions, with co-financing from Newen Connect, the Finnish Impact Film Fund. The premiere on TV4 is set for 2024.
  • Seconds (Sekunnit)
    Format : 6x50’
    Grant: NOK 1,500,000
    Recipient: Fire Monkey Productions, Finland
    Producer: Saara Kankaanpää
    Head-writer: Laura Suhonen
    Director: Antti Heikki Pesonen
    Commissioner: Yle
    World sales: REinvent International Sales
    Logline: A train flies off the tracks in the middle of a small town, sparking an explosion and an enormous fire. Over sixty people die. While the ruins are still smouldering, accident investigator Marita Kaila arrives on the scene.

    Filming is due to start in Estonia on this major suspense-driven disaster series, co-created by Mikko Pöllä and Roope Lehtinen. Seconds is co-produced by Yle and co-financed by Business Finland, the Nordic 12 alliance (Yle, SVT, NRK, DR, RÚV), REinvent, the Estonian Film Institute among others. Cast & crew will be announced closer to the start of principal photography.


  • Undefined
    Grant: NOK 500,000
    Recipient: Fuglene, Norway
    Producers: Gudmundur Gunnarsson, Kari Anne Moe
    Director: Åse Svenheim Drivenes
    Domestic distribution: TV2 Norway
    Logline: Never have Norwegian hospitals admitted so many children with mysterious medical conditions. The film follows a small medical team at the University Hospital in Tromsø who have specialized in treating children with unexplainable symptoms.

    Åse Svenheim Drivenes who directed the acclaimed Maiko: Dancing Child said: “I have been given unique access to a closed hospital universe and met children with medical challenges I didn’t know existed. The conditions vary from pain related issues, seizures, a paralysed leg, or an arm. And sometimes they receive children who perceive themselves as blind or deaf.

    "I have followed my sister and her colleague Hans Petter over time and filmed several meetings with children and their parents. I am convinced that this is a story with relevance for the time and society we live in. My aim is for the film to initiate important conversations about treatment of children with complex illnesses and to raise important questions about children's health and a society that is increasingly concerned with testing, evaluating and ranking children in school and in leisure activities.

    The film is co-produced by TV2 Norway, with support from the Norwegian Film Institute, The Audiovisual Fund, Fritt Ord and RÚV.

Distribution Support

  • NOK 350,000 in slate distribution to Atlantic Distribution, Finland for the release of the Swedish film Håkan Bråkan and Danish film Unruly.
  • NOK 300,000 to SF Studios Norway for the release of the Danish film Pretty Young Thing.
  • NOK 250,00 to Filmkompaniet Alpha, Finland for the release of the Norwegian animation film Titina.
  • NOK 230,000 to Nordisk Film, Sweden for the release of the Norwegian animation film Three Robbers and a Lion.
  • NOK 200,000 to SF Studios, Denmark for the release of the Swedish film Burn all My Letters.
  • NOK 80,000 to Filmbazar for the release of the Swedish documentary Every Face Has a Name.
  • NOK 75,000 to Njutafilms, Sweden for the release of the Icelandic film Cop Secret.
  • NOK 65,000 to Scandinavian Film Distribution, Denmark for the release of the Finnish film Hit Big.

Dubbing Support

  • NOK 190,000 to Filmkompagniet Alpha for the dubbing in Finnish of the Norwegian animation film Titina.
  • NOK 125,000 to Nordisk Film for the dubbing in Swedish of the Norwegian animation film Three Robbers and a Lion.

Industry Initiatives

  • NOK 20,000 to Nordic Factory Copenhagen for New Nordic Narratives Industry Webinar, Gothenburg