The office is closed for Easter Saturday 23 March - Monday 1 April.

The new application portal will work as normal. You can still apply for funding, or submit payment requests and upload visual material.
To the portal: CLICK HERE.

Remember that an administrator must first be registered by all companies, regardless of previous accounts in the old portal. To access projects from the old portal, an administrator must be registered in the new portal and then activated. The Fund will activate all admin registrations after the break.

The processing time of 5-6 weeks may be prolonged because of Easter.

The Fund’s newsletter is normally published once a week, but the next newsletter is sent out April 4th. To sign up for the newsletter: CLICK HERE.

If you need help please contact us per e-mail, and we will reply as soon as we are back. From 2nd of April the office hours are 09:00-16:00 CET.