Developed by Greentime AB and Film i Väst, the digital planning tool innovates by incorporating environmental, economic and social factors to the sustainability agenda.

So far Film i Väst, Film i Skåne, Film Stockholm, Film på Gotland, and Filmpool Nord have committed to implementing Hållbar Film (lit. in English Sustainable Film) to the productions filming in their respective regions and therefore to comply with the UN’s global sustainability targets.

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Ronny Fritsche, sustainability expert in the film and TV industries and Hållbar Film head representative said: “The Swedish film industry holds great influence in society and can have a real impact towards a sustainable future. Unfortunately, current production methods are far from sustainable. The Swedish film industry has hitherto lacked the initiative to encourage and assist production companies.”

He goes on: “For the regional film funds, Hållbar Film improves working conditions for the production companies while at the same time tracking and documenting the industry’s impact. This in turn provides the film funds with the means to set common, measurable goals, and a tool for requiring production companies to follow sustainable practices,” added Fritsche.

Simon Strandvik, CEO of Greentime AB says the Swedish film industry has reached a milestone with this new initiative. The next step for him will be “to develop a legitimate and effectual certification system together with the industry, although moving forward is our first concern,” he stated.

Fritsche is also Swedish rep to the Nordic Eco Media Alliance (NEMA), set up to boost sustainability in the Nordics. NEMA is currently developing a partnership with Liselott Forsman, CEO at Nordisk Film & TV Fond, to be announced late March.

So far Finland has been leading the way through a nationwide sustainability strategy applied to the entire Finnish audiovisual industry and the use of the British ‘albert’ online carbon calculator and training programme - see our story: CLICK HERE.