Síminn’s partnership brings the number of broadcasting partners to 13 and overall Nordisk Film & TV Fond partners to 19.


Pálmi Guðmundsson, EVP Programming at Síminn said: “We are both proud and happy to be joining Nordisk Film & TV Fond. We are investing more in quality Icelandic content, both drama and comedy and we see Nordisk Film & TV Fond as a platform that will help us grow into that direction and reaching our goals.”

Petri Kemppinen, CEO at Nordisk Film & TV Fond said: "We are welcoming Síminn as our third TV partner from Iceland, bringing the total of our agreement partners up to 19 out of which a record of 13 are TV stations. Síminn has over the recent years been heavily investing in TV drama and I believe their membership will provide more funding opportunities for producers and further boost the Nordic creative community.”

In 2016 Síminn folded its subsidiary TV station SkjárEinn into the Síminn family and rebranded the station to Sjónvarp Símans, making all its content the cornerstone in Síminn´s product portfolio.

The SVOD service Sjónvarp Símans Premium which has one of every three homes in Iceland as a subscriber, has seen tremendous success in both subscriber rates and in ratings as viewing numbers are breaking records almost every month.

Síminn´s editorial strategy is to produce one new Icelandic drama series per year along with other local formats and foreign content. Series like the neo-noir Stella Blómkvist (nominated for the 2018 Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize-Best Nordic Screenplay) and the comedy Venjulegt fólk (Ordinary People) received strong audience and critical responses, and are represented worldwide by the major distributors Red Arrow Studios International and REinvent Studios respectively.

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Contacts: Petri Kemppinen, CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fond: petri@nordiskfilmogtvfond.com

Pálmi Guðmundsson, EVP Programming, Síminn: palmi@siminn.is