The Board of the Swedish Film Institute (SFI) has just made training day non-compulsory going back on an earlier decision to make it obligatory.

Following the #Metoo and #tystnadtagning movement, the SFI had agreed to take firm measures against sexual harassment and to strengthen gender equality in the film industry.

The measures comprised the introduction of a ‘Green Card’ for producers wanting to apply for SFI support, making it compulsory for them to attend a one day training in ‘Norm Creativity” or gender equality in order to receive support. (See our interview with Anna Serner: CLICK HERE).

However some members of the Swedish media and industry people vehemently criticised this measure: “It is not the task of the Film Institute to impose any kind of moral and ideological education on production companies”, said Eva Hamilton, head of the Swedish Producers Association to Sveriges radio.  

The SFI has therefore made amendments to its ‘Green Card’ requirements, and said it is no longer compulsory [for film producers asking for support] to attend the Film Institute’s free training day in gender equality.

The Film Institute still requires producers to ‘demonstrate proven skills with regard discrimination and health issues at work, linked to sexual harassment and other types of harassment, to be eligible for full production support. The Institute will determine whether the equivalent training undergone [by producers] is ‘relevant and comprehensive’.

Original Swedish Press release from SFI: CLICK HERE.