Aurø’s appointment as REinvent Studios’s Sales and Marketing Director will be effective on September 3rd. Her move brings under one roof two of the most experienced and respected Nordic sales executives who have been instrumental in spreading and branding Nordic scripted content and talents worldwide over the last two decades: Ennis on the feature film side - who left TrustNordisk early May to set up REinvent Studios - and Aurø on the TV drama side.

Aurø first joined DR’s International Sales department in 1999 as Area Sales Manager before being promoted Head of Sales and Director of Sales & Marketing. During that period, she has worked on some of the most celebrated Danish and Nordic TV shows, such as Forbrydelsen/The Killing, Borgen, The Legacy, Follow the Money, Liberty, Norskov, Splitting up Together, Home Ground and State of Happiness.

Aurø joins REinvent’s staff including Isabelle Péchou, International Co-productions Manager and Sales Manager, Peter Ahlén, TV Sales Manager and Creative Producer, Sofie Siboni, Legal Manager and Creative Producer, Benedetta Sandri, Project Controller with expertise in financing and tax credits, and Chief Financial Officer Fredrik Nelsson.

REinvent Studios ‘s CEO Ennis said: “DR Sales is representing the best from Scandinavian drama and Helene and her team have been leading the way to make this great content known to the world. That is a great accomplishment. Helene is simply a super talented person, driven by passion and love for what she does. She is a team player, I admire her for her strategic insights and market knowledge and we share the same vision. She represents a unique asset for REinvent and I am really proud that she is joining our team.”

Aurø said: “It’s been a tough decision to leave DR after nearly 20 years, but in a way it felt like ‘mission accomplished’. When Rikke presented me her business plan and vision, I found it unique and saw it as a fantastic opportunity to take part in her new challenge, while continuing to work on selling and branding high quality Nordic TV drama and talents worldwide." 

She adds: “World distribution of high end TV drama is very competitive, with many big groups from France, the UK, Germany, handling Nordic TV shows. But there is a need for a new player anchored in the Nordic region, capable of offering to the table not only distribution, but also packaging, gap and bridge financing, as well as direct access to talent. I feel it’s a new beginning and I hope that in the future, we will also work with DR Sales, via marketing and international events. The more people get together the better, especially for a small region like the Nordics.”

REinvent ‘s TV slate comprises the suspense drama Last Light co-produced by Sweden’s Brain Academy and France’s Make It Happen Studio, the sci-fi drama Hope created by Lars Lundström for Sweden’s Nice Drama and Warner Belgium, as well as the quirky drama Wilderness, written by Kim Fupz Aakeson for Paradox Norway.

Ennis told that she is also negotiating several other projects as well as strategic partnerships with Nordic producers to be announced soon.