NRK is back at Gullruten winning 12 out of 18 awards, three of which go to the celebrated political series Power Play (Makta) produced by Motlys.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK’s drama series Power Play was a favourite in advance of winning three awards at the Gullruten TV Awards show in Norway Saturday evening: Best Drama Series, Best Lead Actor/Actress in the drama category and Best Supporting Actor/Actress.

Telling the story of Gro Harlem Brundtland’s rise to the top of the Labour Party from the seventies on, and her becoming Norway’s first Prime Minister in 1981, as well as depicting internal conflicts within the party and the government during this period, Power Play has certainly been the talk of the town, embraced by both viewers and critics. With an unconventional approach including several anachronisms, the series claims to be based on “truth, lies and bad memory”.

Power Play also received five awards when the Gullruten Fagprisen (Gullruten Industry Awards) were handed out prior to the main Gullruten awards, on April 15.

Furthermore, the series was awarded the Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize 2024 at Göteborg Film Festival earlier this year for outstanding writing of a Nordic drama series. Prior to impressing this jury, it was awarded the prizes for best series and best music at Canneseries in April 2023.

At the Gullruten awards, Power Play won the award for Best Drama Series, as well as Kathrine Thorborg Johansenreceiving the award for Best Leading Actress in a drama series for her portrayal of Harlem Brundtland, and Anders Baasmo winning best supporting actor for his role as former Norwegian prime minister Odvar Nordli. The acting categories at Gullruten include both male and female nominations. Power Play was nominated in five categories, with actors Jan Gunnar Røise and Thorbjørn Harr receiving nods in the lead and supporting categories, respectively.

The 12x55’ series was created and written by Johan Fasting, Kristin Grue and Silje Storstein, and produced by Motlys and Novemberfilm for NRK. Power Play has received funding from Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

Among the other award winners, actress Caroline Glomnes received the award for Best Actor/Actress in a comedy series for Cammo. Glomnes is also the creator of the NRK series, in which she plays the title role of the influencer Cammo. The prize for Best Comedy Drama Series was awarded the series Føkkings Fladseth, produced by The Oslo Company for TV 2. Both are new categories, added in connection with the changes that were made to Gullruten’s nomination categories this year.

The award for Best Documentary was bestowed upon Being Ola (Ola – en helt vanlig uvanlig fyr), produced by Einar Film for NRK and directed by Ragnhild Nøst Bergem. The award for Best Documentary Series went to NRK’s adoption themed Gitt bort.

Last year, NRK did not have any nominations in the Best Drama Series category, for the first time since the Gullruten TV Awards were established 25 years earlier. Saturday’s award ceremony saw the public broadcaster taking 12 out of 18 awards.

At the Gullruten Fagprisen awards in April, NRK’s children’s drama series Snøfall 2 received four awards, one less than Power Play. The series version of War Sailor (Krigsseileren), produced by Mer Film for Netflix, received Fagprisen awards for Best Costume Design and Production Design/Art Design. The feature version was funded by NFTVF, and nominated to the Nordic Council Film Prize 2023.

Power Play won the Fagprisen awards for Best Casting, Cinematography, Editing, Screenwriting and Directing, among which the four latter are within separate drama categories. The casting category, which also includes non-fiction productions, was a new addition to the Fagprisen awards this year.

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