Production Support

Feature Films

  • Never Alone
    (Ei Koskaan Yksin)
    Grant: NOK 2.1 million
    Recipient: MRP Matila Röhr Productions, Finland
    Producer: Ilkka Matila
    Director: Klaus Härö
    Writers: Klaus Härö, Jimmy Karlsson
    Domestic distribution: Nordisk Film
    Logline: It is 1942, and Finland is allied with Nazi Germany at war against the Soviet Union. An old Jewish man is trying to stop the state of Finland from handing over Jewish refugees to the Gestapo.

    The period drama is co-produced by Sweden’s HOBAB, Estonia’s Taska Film, Germany’s Penned Pictures, Austria’s Samsara Filmproduktion, with co-financing from MTV3/C More, Estonia Television, SVT, the Finnish Film Foundation, Estonian Film Foundation, Film Estonia, the Swedish Film Institute. Nordisk Film is handling distribution in the Nordics and Apollo in the Baltics. Filming is due to start in March, 2023.
  • Stormskerry Maja (Stormskärs Maja)
    Grant: NOK 2.1 million
    Recipient: Solar Films, Finland
    Producers: Jukka Helle, Hanna Virolainen
    Writer/director: Tiina Lymi
    Domestic distribution: Nordisk Film
    Logline: Story of resilience, female empowerment, set in 1840. Maja, married off to James, a fisherman, learns to love him and to fend for her family.

Drama series

  • Leva Livet
    Format: 8x22’
    Grant: NOK 500,000
    Recipient: FLX, Sweden
    Producer: Moa Kornblad
    Concept director: Susanne Thorson
    Main writer: Carl-Petter Montell
    Commissioner: Viaplay
    Logline: When a woman in her mid-20s, living life to the fullest, is diagnosed with cancer, she decides to not let a dumb lump get in the way of her dreams. She starts living a difficult double life, juggling parties with friends and celebrity events with hospital stays and tough chemotherapy treatments.
  • Oxen
    Format: 6x45’
    Grant: NOK 2 million
    Recipient: SF Studios Production Denmark
    Producers: Senia Dremstrup, Michel Schønnemann
    Director: Jannik Johansen
    Main cast: Jacob Lohmann, Ellen Hillingsø, Josephine Park, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen.
    Writers: Mai Brostrøm, Peter Thorsboe
    Commissioner: TV2 Denmark
    Logline: When war veteran Niels Oxen is falsely accused of drug possession and discharged from his military duties, he retreats with his dog in total isolation in Rold Forest. Yet when the owner of the forest, Hans-Otto Corfitzen is found dead, Oxen becomes the prime suspect. The chief of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, Frigg Mossman, ends up recruiting Oxen to go undercover, against the knowledge of her own organisation. Suddenly he finds himself in the heart of a deadly web of mysteries. The series is due to premiere on TV2 and TV2 Play in 2023


  • Welcome Home (Välkommen Hem)
    Format: 6x44’
    Grant: NOK 400,000
    Recipient: Katagrama, Sweden
    Producers: Fredrik Bjelke, Simon Thedin, Erik Stenborg
    Director: Martin Roeck Hansen
    Domestic distribution: TV4-TV4 Play
    Logline: Rinkeby is considered one of the most dangerous areas in Sweden. This is the story about the football team Rinkeby United.

    The director who has followed the club for over a year and a half so far, and met with the players’ families and friends, hopes the documentary series will contribute to changing the perception of Sweden’s suburbs and the view on first and second generation immigrants. “Last but not least, I hope that the positive power of football and sports will shine through,” he said. “In the words of young Rinkeby United player, Zubeyr: ”If you look for evil you find evil. If you look for good, you’ll find good. We looked for good and it was not hard to find.”

Distribution Support

  • NOK 250,000 in slate distribution to BíoParadís, Iceland for the release of the Swedish Palme d’or winner Triangle of Sadness, Danish drama Persona non Grata, and Finnish horror Hatching.
  • NOK 100,000 to Another World, Norway for the release of the Danish film Speak no Evil.
  • NOK 100,000 to Filmbazar Denmark for the release of the Swedish documentary Nelly & Nadine.
  • NOK 100,000 to Mer Film for the release of the Swedish documentary Historja.
  • NOK 100,000 to Filmbazaar, Denmark for the release of the Finnish film Karaoke Paradise.
  • NOK 90,000 to Scandinavian Film Distribution for the release in Denmark of the Swedish family film Mini-Zlatan and Uncle Darling.

Dubbing support

  • NOK 100,000 to Scandinavian Film Distribution for the dubbing in Danish of the Swedish film Mini-Zlatan and Uncle Darling.

Industry initiative

  • NOK 190,000 to Nordic Factory Copenhagen for New Nordic Narratives Lab
  • NOK 60,000 to Copenhagen TV Festival for Copenhagen Masterclasses
  • NOK 70,000 to European Film Promotion, Germany for the Film Sales Support Scheme
  • NOK 34,000 to Filmgreb for Young Nordic Produces Club Plus.