The Fund is temporary closing its application system for new applications on November 20th. Please wait until January 3rd to apply for funding in the Fund’s renewed portal.

The current application portal myFant will be closed for new users and new applications on November 20th at 09.00 CET. Applications already submitted in myFant can still be accessed.

The new system eApply is introduced to rationalize the application process for applicants as well as for the Fund. The requirements for applying will stay the same. eApply enables a fully digital process with a focus on overview and quality assurance of essential information for all parties. The platform is easy to use and self-explanatory, and has been customized for the Fund’s purposes.

New applications can be submitted via eApply from January 3rd. Please be aware that all users need to re-register.

Please use myFant for already submitted applications and eApply for new applications in the transitional phase. From February 5th, 2024 only eApply will be in use.

Normally the assessment of applications submitted after mid-November are delayed due to the holiday period. The transition to the new system will not prolong the timetable us such.

User guides and help pages will be available by January, but in the meantime, feel free to contact the Fund’s System Admin, Mathias K. Ferre, with any questions or concerns.