Director Joachim Trier, co-writer Eskil Vogt and producer Thomas Robsahm share prize. We have the director's reaction.

PRESS RELEASE: November 1, 2016, Oslo: The highly acclaimed film LOUDER THAN BOMBS was tonight awarded the NORDIC COUNCIL FILM PRIZE 2016, one of Northern Europe’s most coveted film awards. The prize endowed with DKK 350,000 is shared by Trier along with co-writer Eskil Vogt and producer Thomas Robsahm, in recognition of film as an art form, based on the collaboration between a director, a scriptwriter and a producer.


This is the first time that a Norwegian film receives the prestigious accolade. The prize was given in the presence of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark at the annual autumn Session of the Nordic Council, which is currently being held in Copenhagen. 

LOUDER THAN BOMBS tells the story about a father and his two sons three years after their wife and mother, a famous war photographer, has passed away. An upcoming exhibition to celebrate photographer Isabelle Reed’s untimely death brings her eldest son, Jonah, back to the family home, compelling him to spend more time with his father, Gene, and his withdrawn younger brother, Conrad, whom he hasn’t seen in years. With the three of them under one roof, Gene tries to connect with his sons, but they struggle to reconcile their feelings for the woman whom they all remember very differently.

In 2015 the film was Norway’s first Palme d’or contender in Cannes in 36 years, and was sold to 92 countries. The same year it received the Cannon Awards for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography at the Kosmorama-Trondheim International Film Festival, as well as the Bronze Horse for Best Film at the Stockholm International Film Festival.

The motivation for the jury 2016’s choice is the following: “Joachim Trier and his team embark on an artistic enterprise that takes storytelling to a new level. Its complexity of structure, its emotional probing and its ability to tear clichés apart should make it part of the curriculum in film schools around the world.”

Joachim Trier (b. 1974) attended the European Film College in Denmark, then trained at the National Film and Television School in the UK where he made several award-winning short films. He achieved instant worldwide fame with his feature debut, REPRISE (2006), followed by OSLO, AUGUST 31ST, which was selected for Un Certain Regard in Cannes 2011 and won Best Director at the Norwegian Amanda Awards 2012. Both films were nominated for the NORDIC COUNCIL FILM PRIZE.

The NORDIC COUNCIL FILM PRIZE is the most prestigious film award in the Nordic region. The prize goes to films that display both high quality and deep Nordic artistic roots. LOUDER THAN BOMBS is the 13th recipient of the award. Last year’s winner was Iceland’s Dagur Kári with VIRGIN MOUNTAIN (Fúsi).

For further information about the Nordic Council Film Prize, including past winners, CLICK HERE.

Joachim Trier, winner of the 2016 Nordic Council Film Prize

How does it feel to win the NCFP?
JT: It’s a great honour It feels wonderful because Louder than Bombs was tough to make. Plus recognising the film although it is in English, shows that it the film language has a Nordic flavour and transcends borders.  

How is it going with the filming of your new film Thelma?
JT: It’s great. I flew here by helicopter. I’m driving back now and will be on the set in Sweden tomorrow. It’s very intense but I’m happy. I’m the happiest when I’m on set.

How would you describe the film?
It’s a romantic horror film, about a girl called Thelma. She discovers has unknown powers. It’s also a coming of age film about becoming an individual away from your family. Someone gave it an interesting tagline when reading the script: It’s a Blue is the warmest colour meets Carrie! 

Is it exciting to try out a new genre?
JT: It is, but while I shoot, I end up being very focused on the characters and cast. The revelation in the film is the young actress called Eili Harboe. Everyday she amazes me.