Catch-up on how Nordic films have performed at home and abroad between 2009-2013. In the report ‘Nordic Films Crossing Borders’ commissioned by Nordisk Film & TV Fond, project researcher Sara Keskinarkaus gives a comprehensive view of Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish films’ abilities to travel.

Based on qualitative data collection and desk research on 847 Nordic films released between 2009 and 2013, the 87 page report is a unique information source for all industry professionals interested in and working with Nordic films. The research paper confirms common knowledge that the most exportable films are those based on well-known IP material, directed by ‘brand’ directors (Susanne Bier, Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg to name a few) and carried by festival acclaim, especially for the international market. 

In addition to statistical analysis, the report offers the insight of visiting writers such as festival programmer Marjo Pipinen who discusses “What Makes a Film Nordic” and professor Ib Bondebjerg, observant of “The Nordic Film and Television Wave”. Views on the future are given by producer Jakob Kirstein Høgel and media analyst Johanna Koljonen.

The section dedicated to Children and Youth films illustrates the ability of Nordic animation films to travel thanks to dubbing opportunities and the quality of the works (Legends of Valhalla-Thor and Niko 2-Little Brother, Big Trouble were sold to 90 and 70 countries respectively) and of Nordic directors’ skilfulness in bringing fresh entertaining family stories to world screens (Anne Sewitsky’s Totally True Love and Stephan Apelgren’s Eskil and Trinidad were both sold to 150 countries). The last section focusing on documentary films also shows the popularity in particular of Danish works abroad (in the Top 20 Nordic festival docs and Top 20 Nordic Sales for docs, half are Danish).

Commenting on the report, the Fund’s CEO Petri Kemppinen said: “Nordisk Film & TV Fond celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. During these years we have financially supported over 1,400 projects with a total sum of NOK1.6 billion. This report nicely presents concrete proof that the amounts have made a difference and a great majority of the films we have supported have reached Nordic and global audiences.”

Press Nordic Film Crossing Borders to download the report, Nordic Film Admissions and Nordic Film Admissions Outside Their Country Of Origin, Nordic Film Sales data and Nordic Film at Festivals data.

CORRECTION: On pages 66-67, DK admissions of the Icelandic film Legends of Valhalla - Thor  has 30,285 admissions in Denmark, not 0 as written.