The existing success-based remuneration on Swedish Netflix Original series signed in 2020 is now being extended to Netflix Original films.

Under the collective frame agreement, announced today, original Swedish films commissioned by Netflix, can receive both an initial remuneration, as well as a staggered success based extra payment, distributed to all entitled parties, as was already the case for TV series.

Detailing the terms of the agreement, the Netflix statement says that when a certain threshold of global viewers has watched a film or a series on the US streamer, an amount specified in the collective frame agreement is being paid.

The threshold level wasn’t revealed.

The statement adds: “There is no limit to the number of times the threshold can be reached, and each qualifies for an additional success-based payment. The collective frame agreement further ensures that a pro rata payment is provided even when the number of completers do not reach this threshold, thus, ensuring an on-going additional remuneration.”

Also very importantly included in the agreement, is that “previously released Swedish feature films are included in the success metric retrospectively, to ensure creatives of past productions benefit from the deal.”

According to the statement, in 2021, Scen & Film paid a success-based payment to the eligible talent who worked on the first Netflix Original series, FLX’s hit crime show Quicksand.

“I’m very pleased that we are now able to include success-based remuneration for qualifying films across our slate, in addition to a guaranteed initial rights payment,” said Rachel C. Schumacher, Senior Counsel, International Labour Relations, Netflix.

“Through this long and trusted partnership between Netflix and Scen & Film, we will continue to ensure we are creating opportunities for fair and proportionate remuneration for the entire Swedish creative industry.”

Christine Strindberg, Head of Negotiation at Scen & Film added: “These agreements are yet another important milestone in our trusted and inspiring partnership with Netflix, a partnership that has led to real change and progress in the remuneration and recognition of Swedish talent. It is very important that performers and other creative workers receive fair and proportionate remuneration for their rights, and also additional bonus-payments when their productions are successful. Our agreements with Netflix make this possible and will also contribute to a prosperous and sustainable Swedish production market.”

Scen & Film, the Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film represents professional performers and other creative workers from across the spectrum of the entertainment, creative and cultural industries, from actors, directors, set designers to choreographers and stunt performers.

Netflix is currently involved in a dispute in Denmark regarding remuneration of audiovisual workers, with the umbrella union Create Denmark and the Danish Producers Association, (see separate story CLICK HERE), and has temporary suspended its original productions in the country, together with TV2 Denmark.

Benjamin Boe Rasmussen, Head of the Danish Actors’ Association and spokesperson for Create Denmark, told he has had meetings with both TV2 and Netflix. "It is too soon to say anything at this point", said the negotiator who feels positive about the outcome of the discussions with the US streamer.