Around 85 decision-makers and 300 delegates have signed up for the 27th Nordisk Panorama Forum, to be held only digitally, due to Covid-19.

A Baltic delegation of 10 professionals selected by the Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries, will be joining their Nordic counterparts.

For the first time, an extra Doc Expert Day on Wednesday September 23 will allow accredited guests to meet 10 European documentary experts and hear presentations about sales, distribution, campaigns, the Asian market among others. Speakers include Brigid O’Shea (Documentary Association Europe), André Wallström (Rough Studios, producer and digital distribution expert) and Elina Kewitz (New Docs distribution) and publicist Mirjam Wiekenkamp (NOISE).

Among projects pitched are the latest works by Max Kestner (Amateurs in Space), Rune Denstad Langlo (99% Honest, North), Tommy Gulliksen (War of Art), Isold Uggadóttir (And Breathe Normally) and Tonislav Hristov (The Good Postman).

Here is the full list of pitches:

  • A New Kind of Wilderness by Silje Evensmo Jacobsen (A5 Film, NO)
  • Article 112, Rune Denstad Langlo (Motlys, NO)
  • Beast by Max Kestner (Bullitt Film, DK)
  • Game of Minds by Petri Luukkainen/Jesse Jokinen (Napafilms, FI)
  • Hacking Hate by Simon Klose (Nonami, SE)
  • Silas, my Silas by Julie Bezerra Madsen (Good Company Pictures, DK)
  • Sound of Ice by Tommy Gulliksen (Oslo Pictures, NO)
  • The Fake Will-Forgiveness and Redemption by Christian Sønderby Jepsen (Moving Documentary, DK)
  • The Gullspång Miracle by Maria Fredriksson (Ballad Film, SE)
  • The Last of the Seagulls by Tonislav Hristov (Making Movies, FI)
  • The Last Relic by Marianna Kaat (Baltic Film Production, EE)
  • The Tower by Isold Úggadóttir (Skot Productions, IS)
  • We are Animals by Saila Kuvelä/Vesa Kuosmanen (Tuffi Films, FI)
  • White Lies by Emilie Beck (Indie Film, NO)
  • Winners of the War by Manal Masri (Auto Images, SE)
    • Wildcard Denmark: The Mountain by Christian Einshøj (Made in Copenhagen, DK)
    • Wildcard Finland: The Mission by Tania Moilanen (Danish Bear Productions)
    • Wildcard Iceland: Band: This is Not a Band by Alfrún Örnólfsdottir (Compass Films)
    • Wildcard Norway: The Eclipse by Nataša Urban (Medieoperatørene)
    • Wildcard Sweden: Calendar Girls by Maria Loohufvud/Love Martinsen (Pink Dolphin)

For the full Nordisk Panorama Programme, check: