He will transfer to his new position on August 1st from his current role as Documentary Film Commissioner at the Norwegian Film Institute.

Løge will take over from Sveinum Golimo who has held the role of NFI Head of the Development and Production Department since 2013. He will supervise the department’s funding decisions for feature films, TV series and computer games.

Løge has worked as producer for more than 16 years for companies including Flimmer Film and Volt Film. His production credit comprises more than 25 titles such as the documentary film Drone, the TV movie Recruiting for Jihad, and the series The Fjord Cowboys. He has been on the board of the Bergen International Film Festival, and the Norwegian Film and TV Producers Association.

Løge said: "Having worked for a year and a half as documentary film commissioner within the [NFI] Development and Production Department, I am impressed by its [staff's] expertise, professionalism and dedication. I take on this new task with humility and ambition for both my colleagues and the industry. The Department’s stimulating effect on the industry is quite strong and must be managed with an understanding of the industry's needs and development.”

Sindre Guldvog, Director of the Norwegian Film Institute said he is ‘very pleased with Løge’s appointment who has a good knowledge of the industry ‘from both ends of the spectrum’.