Six feature films, two TV series and two documentaries have received production support from Nordisk Film & TV Fond in May.

Feature films:

  • The Spy (Spionen) produced by Norway’s Karin Julsrud and Turid Øversveen of 4 ½ Fiction received the largest grant of NOK 2.9 million towards its NOK 52.7 million budget. Jens Jonsson (The King of Ping Pong, Easy Money 3) will direct the Norwegian spy thriller/biopic written by Harald Rosenløw Eeg (The King’s Choice).
    Based on a true story, the film focuses on Norwegian actress Sonja Wigert who was Scandinavia's leading film star in the 1940ies as well as a double agent. Working for Swedish intelligence, she met Nazi leader Josef Terboven who recruited her as a German spy. Her spying activities make it difficult for her to pursue a love affair with a Hungarian diplomat.
    The project is co-produced with Sweden’s B-Reel and Belgium’s Scope Pictures, with support from the Norwegian Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute and NRK. Filming between Norway and Belgium is set to start in the fall 2017. Nordisk Film handles Scandinavian distribution and TrustNordisk world sales. Cast members will be announced soon. 
  • Solsidan, the Movie (Solsidan filmen) produced by FLX and Jarowskij was granted NOK 1.9 million. After their latest BO success The 101 year Old Man Who Skipped the Bill & Disappeared (nearly 700,000 admissions in Sweden), Swedish directors Felix Herngren and Måns Herngren are back behind the camera for the film adaptation of their own hit comedy series Solsidan. Here the main characters Alex & Anna, Fredde & Mickan, Ove & Anette are challenged with divorce, infertility and unwritten rules in the small summer resort of Torekov, Skåne. Jesper Harrie (Bonusfamiljen) has penned the script. Filming will wrap this summer and the premiere is set for late 2017. SF Studios will handle the domestic distribution and SF Studios International world sales.
  • Border (Gräns) produced by Nina Bisgaard, Piodor Gustafsson and Petra Jönsson was granted NOK 1.8 million. The Swedish horror/supernatural film by rising director Ali Abbasi (Shelley) had previously received backing from Nordisk Film & TV Fond’s Nordic Genre Boost. Based on a short story by genre writer John Ajvide Lindqvist (Let the Right One In), it’s the story of Tina, a border patrol officer with a sixth sense for detecting smugglers. One day the suspiciously-looking Vore steps off the ferry. She knows he is hiding something, but for the first time ever, she cannot identify what it is and becomes obsessed with him.
    Meta Film, Spark Film & TV and Kärn Film are producing.  Filming is set to start in September 2017. Nordisk Film Distribution has Scandinavian rights. 
  • Captain Bimse & the Goggeletten (Kaptajn Bimse og Goggeletten) produced by Pernille Munk Skydsgaard of 41 Shadows Denmark was granted NOK 1.5 million. The Danish fantasy family film is based on Bjärne Reuter’s best-selling children’s books targeting pre-school kids (3-6) and their parents.
    The 7-year old Anna flies with her teddy bear, Captain Bimse and the second pilot Goggeletten on an adventurous and magic journey to save her doll Sophie from loneliness in their summerhouse. Eventually everyone gets back in good hands. Thomas Borch Nielsen (Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms) directs with Kirsten Skytte. 
  • A Woman at War (Fjallkona í stríð) produced by Gulldrengurinn (Iceland) and Slot Machine (France) was granted NOK 1.4 million. Of Horses and Men’s director Benedikt Erlingsson has written with Ólafur Egill Egilsson (Trapped) the story of a woman in her late forties who single-mindedly declares war on the heavy industry in Iceland. She turns to sabotage and is prepared to risk everything for nature and the untouched highlands, until an orphan from Ukraine enters her life.
    Alongside Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir (Prisoners, Of Horses & Men) who plays the lead role are Jóhann Sigurðsson (Children of Nature) and Þórir Sæmundsson (Virgin Mountain). Filming starts in July. Beta Cinema handles world sales.
  • Pony and Pigeonboy (Puluboin ja Ponin leffa) produced by Pohjola-filmi was granted NOK 1.1 million. 
    Mari Rantasila behind several instalments in the popular Ricky Rapper series is directing. The action-packed family film is based on The Book of Pony and Pigeonboy, first title in a series of best-selling children’s novels by celebrated author Veera Salmi. Pony and Pigeonboy focuses on the seven-year-old girl Pony who doesn't want to go to school, and big-mouthed Pigeonboy who has solutions to all possible problems. In the title roles are Jenni Lausi (Pony), Aapo Puusti (Pigeonboy), Santtu Karvonen (Pony's father), Anna-Maija Tuokko (Pony's mother) and Seppo Halttunen (The Principal).
    The film is co-produced by Cinenord Norway. Shooting just started this week and the theatrical release in Finland (B-Plan) and Norway (Sharing) is scheduled for August 2018. EastWest Film Distribution handles world sales.

TV series: 

  • Young & Promising season 3 (Unge lovende sesong 3) produced by Ida Håndlykken Kvernstrøm of Monster Scripted for NRK was granted NOK 500,000.
    The 6x29’ Norwegian show is directed by Eirik Svensson and Patrik Syversen. Set six months after season 2 ends, this new season features again girl trio Elise (Siri Seljeseth), Nenne (Gine Cornelia Pedersen) and Alex (Alexandra Gjerpen) as they navigate through their 20s in the heart of Oslo. Creator Siri Seljeseth who drew from her own life for this ‘Girls’ inspired show is head writer. Episode writers are Mads Løken and Marie Hafting.
    Season 1 had nearly 800,000 average TSR across NRK different platforms. Season 3 is currently filming and is set to premiere on NRK early 2018. APC handles world sales.
  • Steffi (10x10’) produced by Five Corners Production was granted NOK 225,000. The Finnish TV & web series follows 13-year old Steffi whose best friend Julia has just died. Through a theatre camp, falling in love and trying to fit in again, Steffi tries to find a way to continue to live.
    Director Elin Grönblom who came up with the original idea said: “I wanted to tell a story that would take up death as natural theme. In our culture we rarely dare to talk about it, and we don't know how to act when someone around us has lost a loved one, yet death is a big part of life. I think it's good to let the young audience experience the theme, but the series is still a lot about life as well.” Filming just started on Wednesday and will last all through the summer.


  • The Distant Barking of Dogs produced by Monica Hellström of Final Cut for Real was granted NOK 500,000. The Danish film follows 10-year old Ukrainian boy Oleg, whose life has been turned upside down by the ongoing war in East-Ukraine.
    Simon Lereng Wilmont who has directed two films targeting tweens, will investigate how war has an impact on children and how it impacts their development and growth into adulthood.
    The film is co-produced by Sweden’s Story AB and Finland Mouka filmi, in association with SVT, YLE, DR and support from the Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK, Danish Film Institute and Swedish Film Institute. Delivery is set for the fall 2017. Cinephil handles world sales.
  • Photographer of War (Krigsfotografen) produced by Katrine A. Sahlstrøm of Good Company Pictures was granted NOK 400,000. Director Boris B. Bertram (The War Campaign) focus on war photographer Jan Grarup who struggles to balance life in war zones with being the father and sole provider of four. The film is co-produced by Avanton (Finland), in association with DR, YLE, SVT, RUV, AVEK, support from the Danish Film Institute and Finnish Film Foundation. Delivery is set for summer 2018. 

Distribution support was allocated to the following companies:

  • Filmbazaar (Denmark) received NOK 300,000 in slate support for the release of the Swedish film A Hustler’s Diary (Måste gitt), Finnish film Little Wing plus a third project TBA. 
  • Folkets Bio (Sweden) received NOK 385,000 slate support for the release of the Icelandic film Heartstone, the Norwegian film Childhood and Oskar’s America as part of a ‘growing up’ season. 
  • Scanbox Entertainment (Denmark) received NOK 150,000 for the release of the Swedish film The Giant
  • Tour de Force (Norway) received NOK 100,000 for the release of the Danish film The Man

Film cultural Initiatives supported are: 

  • Scandinavian Locations (Norway) granted NOK 230,000. 
  • Oslo Digital Cinema Conference 2017 organised by Foreningen norske filmfotografer/Laterna Magica which was granted NOK 100,000.