• The Long Night
    Grant: NOK 1.5 million
    Recipient: Profile Pictures, Denmark
    Producer: Jacob Jarek
    Director: Ali Abbasi

    Details will be announced at a later date 

  • Tiny Allan-The Human Antenna (Lille allan-den menneskelige antenne)
    Grant: NOK 1.5 million
    Recipient: Nordisk Film Production Denmark
    Producer: Thomas Heinesen,
    Director: Amalie Næsby Fick
    Domestic distribution: Nordisk Film

    Tiny Allan is being helpful to his new alien obsessed neighbour, who is in need of a human antenna. While on the roof, he suddenly stares into a pair big round-eyes of a green alien called Maiken. This could be the most exciting summer for Tiny Allan.

    The 3D animated film is written by Thomas Porsager (The Marco Effect) and director Amalie Næsby Fick (The Giant Pear). It is based on the popular children’s book of the same name, written by actor/comedian Peter Frödin and author/playwright Line Knutzon.  Danish animation house Wil Film (Otto the Rhino, Orla Frøsnapper) is currently working on the design and storyboarding.

    Delivery is set for early 2022. The film is co-financed by TV2 Denmark, TV2 Norway, with support from the Danish Film Institute.

TV Series 

  • Black Port (Verbud)
    Format: 8x50’
    Grant: NOK 3 million
    Recipient: Vesturport, Iceland
    Producers: Nana Alfredsdóttir, Gísli Örn Garðarsson,
 Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, 
Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir
    Writers: Mikael Torfason, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, Gísli Örn Garðarsson, Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir Directors: Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, Gísli Örn Garðarsson, María Reyndal
    Commissioning broadcaster: RÚV 

    The series is co-produced by ARTE France, and Turbine Studios in the UK, with co-financing from DR, Yle, SVT, NRK, the Icelandic Film Centre, and Icelandic Ministry of Industries and Innovation.

    Columbia has Cocaine. Africa has Gold. Iceland has Fish. A handful of people control the trade. Inspired by true events, Black Port takes a look at the Icelandic fishing industry and the complex world surrounding fishing quotas. It’s a story of friends, fishermen, politicians, businessmen, swindlers and corporate princes.

    Filming started earlier this month and will continue until the end of August. The premiere on RÚV is set for 2021.
  • Countrymen (Jordbrukerne) 
    Format: 8x45’
    Grant: NOK 3 million
    Recipient: Rubicon TV, Norway
    Producers: Anne Björnstad, Fridrik H. Mar, Mikael Diseth
    Creators/writers: Izer Aliu, Anne Björnstad
    Directors: Izer Aliu, Aurora Gossé
    Commissioning broadcaster: NRK

    The satirical drama features four young men who move from inner city Oslo to the countryside. One unexpected event leads to another and they end up finding meaning in life where they least expect it, in a story about agriculture, friendship…and cheese!
  • Superhero Academy (Superheltskolen)
    Format: 13x15’
    Grant: NOK 1.5 million
    Recipient: Seefood TV, Norway
    Producer: Aleksander Herresthal
    Creator/ head writer: Terje Solli
    Directors: Are Valle Skjelvan, Line Fougner Christensen
    Commissioning broadcaster: NRK 
    Co-financiers include DR, SVT and Yle

    Superhero Academy is a comedy drama about a group of kids with super strengths who undergo training to become fully licensed super heroes. Not only do they need to learn how to fly, but also fit in and make friends.  

    Producer Aleksander Herresthal says the series targeting the 6-9 year-olds has a clear message which is: “all children are unique and important contributors to the group of friends or the class, regardless of background, ability or identity."  "Through a varied gallery of characters the series aims at inspiring children to develop friendships despite their differences, and to become better acquainted with those who are different”, he points out.

    “We believe that the effects of Covid-19 might increase the interest from buyers for an innovative Norwegian comedy drama for kids that is easy to dub for local territories,” he added. Cast & crew will be announced early 2021. 
  • White Sands (Hvide sande)
    Format: 8x45’
    Grant: NOK 3.3 million
    Recipient: Deluca Film
    Producers: Morten Rasmussen, David C.H. Østerbøg
    Writer: A.J. Kazinski (aka Anders Rønnow Klarlund/Jacob Weinreich)
    Director: Tilde Harkamp
    Commissioning broadcaster: TV2 Denmark. 
    The series is co-financed by TV4, NRK, YLE, the West Danish Film Fund and the Municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern.

    White Sands is a crime drama about a female, Danish undercover expert and a male, German homicide detective who are secretly sent to a small seaside town to solve the killing of a young German man while pretending to be married.

    Producer David C.H. Østerbøg says “the series is crime duo A.J. Kazinski’s first collective venture into screenwriting after having focused on their successful authorship for the past years." "The show is a unique genre fusion between gritty crime and rom-com. It is set on the beautiful and wild Danish west coast, which is a popular vacation hotspot, but rarely seen on television,” he adds. Filming is set to start this summer.
  • With One Eye Open (Be inte om nåd)
    Format: 8x45’
    Grant: NOK 3 million
    Recipient: Nice Drama, Sweden
    Producers: Jan Marnell, Lejla Bešić
    Head-writer: Mikael Newihl
    Episodic writers: Anders Sparring, Pauline Wolff, Jörgen Hjerdt
    Directors: Lisa Farzaneh, Jesper W. Nielsen
    Commissioning broadcaster: NENT Group/Viaplay.
    The series is co-produced by Twelve Town in the UK.

    With One Eye Open is based on Martin Österdahl’s suspense book ‘Ask No Mercy’ (‘Be inte om Nåd’), first in a series featuring the enigmatic former special-ops soldier, Max Anger. When the love of his life goes missing in St. Petersburg, he rushes headlong into a volatile Russia to find her.

    Alexander Tanno, CEO at Nice Drama said “the series plays around real historical events without losing engaging personal stories about love, friendship and lies,  all told through an intense and suspenseful hunt with a ticking clock to save lives and reveal lies.”

    Principal photography is due to start next month in Sweden, with the delivery set for the first quarter 2021.

Distribution support

  • NOK 80,000 to Norsk Filmdistribusjon, Norway for the Danish film Into the Darkness by Anders Refn 
  • NOK 75,000 to Nordisk Film Distribution, Sweden for the film Daniel by Nils Arden Oplev 
  • NOK 60,000 to Sena, Iceland for the Norwegian animated film Ella Bella Bingo by Atle Solberg Blakseth and Frank Mosvold

Dubbing support

  • NOK 144,000 to Sena, Iceland for the Norwegian animated film Ella Bella Bingo by Atle Solberg Blakseth and Frank Mosvold