European Writers Club are planning a total of 10 Open Clubs, unfolding both on-site and online.

European Writers Club (EWC) is a pilot-programme administrated by Vision Denmark and co-funded by the European Union, set up to create content for a larger European audience. EWC´s ambition is to form a network and improve the collaboration in the entire industry.

Nordisk Film & TV Fond is one of the Nordic funders of the pilot project together with Vision Denmark, The National Film School of Denmark, the Danish Film Institute, the Iclandic Film Centre, TV2 Denmark, NRK, SVT, and the Nordic writers associations.

Late October the first training programme – Boosting Ideas - took place in Copenhagen. Read the story about the EU writing training scheme: CLICK HERE.

It takes sharing, exchanging
and collaborating to create
tomorrow's stories.


CEO & Head of European Writers Club Thomas Gammeltoft has since May 2022 been responsible for the creation, funding and building of the project and is now planning 10 Open Clubs for the European industry. Two out of 10 have already been conducted and are live at EWC´s platform EWC.TV.
All Open Clubs take place in four hubs in Europe: Copenhagen, Denmark, Tallinn, Estonia, Dublin, Ireland and Galicia, Spain. All content will be recorded for streaming.

EWC Open Club n°1 and n°2

The Open Clubs are made with the point of view of the writers/creators of TV-series. The first Open Club was with Danish creator/screenwriter Adam Price on the creation of Borgen-Power & Glory, later joined by lead actress Birgitte Hjort Sørensen. Fanny Herrero (Call My Agent) and Ditte Hansen (Ditte & Louise, In The Fence) discussed the process of co-creation and collaboration between series creators and actor at the second club. CLICK HERE to watch.

What´s next?

The Open Club n°3 due to unspool December 7 in Tallinn, will invite you to a conversation between British creator/writer Tony Grisoni (Red Riding, Fear and Load in Las Vegas) and Dutch producer Femke Wotling (Undone, Apollo 10 ½) who will discuss writers and producers' collaborations on drama series.

The Open Club n°4 on December 13, in Tallinn will be with Adam Price (Ride Upon the Storm, Borgen-Power & Glory) on his life and work.
Gammeltoft said other Open Clubs will be with Kasper Holten and Adam Prise about Creative Management, Spanish TV showrunner Alex Pina, British producer mogul Lord David Puttnam and Irish screenwriter Sally Rooney.

EWC is also looking for Consultant Writers for its Boosting Concepts session. To apply CLICK HERE.