IDFA: Swedish competition documentary arrives in Amsterdam with a very good buzz and want to see from world buyers.

The distribution deal was negotiated by Sweden’s director/producer Hogir Hirori (Lovav Media) and Antonio Russo Merenda (Ginestra Film) with Dogwoof Sales who will handle the world, outside of North America, covered by Cinetic Media.

Ana Vicente, Dogwoof’s Head of Sales said: “The Deminer is amazing. We follow this heroic character [Colonel Fakhir], who actually enjoys doing his life-threatening job, and seeing the demining captured live on camera, makes for a gripping and powerful film experience.” Vicente continues: “The film is both full of suspense and humanity as it portrays this exceptional man who tries to save lives in the midst of war and turmoil.“

Vicente said she has received pre-buy offers ahead of the film’s screening at IDFA. “I believe the premium value for the film is in television. But of course, we’ll push as well for theatrical and consider all offers. Some producers prefer to go straight to TV with higher offers from broadcasters, others prefer lower MGs for theatrical but to secure a theatrical exposure. For now, broadcasters go crazy for it."

Vicente continues: “We will wait for IDFA to see how US buyers react. In the documentary world, the US market has a tremendous influence and changes the perspective in EU territories, whether to go theatrical or TV first. With SVOD, foreign language is a bit more difficult, but I see some good potential in The Deminer because of its suspense subject matter."

The Deminer was pre-bought by SVT, DR and YLE, with support from The Swedish Film Institute, SVT, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Film Stockholm/Filmbasen.

Dogwoof Sales has four other documentaries selected at Amsterdam’s IDFA festival: Two films are screening at the Panorama section: This is Congo by Daniel McCabe, currently playing at the Stockholm Film Festival, after its out of competition world premiere in Venice, and Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex Fashion and Disco by James Crump, which world premiered in London. Two festival darlings are selected at the Best of Fests: The Works by Jarus McLeary and Gethin Aldous and Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle by Gustavo Salmerón.

Dogwoof Sales also picked up recently the Danish documentary john + björn directed by Rasmus Dinesen (The Michelin Film), featuring the rivalry between John McEnroe and Björn Borg. The film is produced by newly founded Hound Entertainment, comprising producers Paul Bell (archival producer of the Oscar-winning film Amy), Riina Zachariassen and executive producer Kasper Wedendahl. The film will be made entirely of archival footage - including exclusive material - and the legendary tennis players will contribute to the narration. The film will be completed next summer.