Berlinale: The user-friendly online information tool is available to all international partners wishing to co-produce with the Nordic countries.

The annual ’How to’ practical guide was put together by Nordisk Film & TV Fond, in partnership with the Danish Film Institute, the Swedish Film Institute, the Norwegian Film Institute, the Finnish Film Foundation, the Icelandic Film Centre and the Creative Media Desks in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Since last year, as part of the Nordic region’s strategy to promote a sustainable green industry, the website has replaced the hard copy booklet ‘Co-Producing with the Nordics’, published annually during the Berlinale.

Valuable information available to international partners include:

  • Summary of the co-production schemes from the national film organisations (as well as the International Sámi Film Institute), regional film funds, with funds at disposal, key criteria to apply for support and 2023 deadlines,
  • Lists of minority co-productions supported by the Nordic public bodies and selection of international productions backed by the Icelandic reimbursement scheme,
  • Cash rebates and production incentives in the Nordics,
  • Description of Nordisk Film & TV Fond, its production, distribution support schemes and a selection of projects supported in 2022,
  • Key contacts,
  • Role and tasks of the Creative Europe Media Desks in the Nordics.

International partners can also access the information via the Fund’s website under the Funding menu.