In early March 2022, two former Input TV colleagues talked about Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Kharkiv born Canadian documentary producer, Alex Shprintsen, who has has covered Ukraine and Russia for 30 years shared his views to the Fund's CEO Liselott Forsman along with links to content produced by his employer CBC and others.

- Alex Shprintsen┬┤s return to Ukraine (2014)

- About Putin's propaganda to sell the war to Russians.

- About sanctions.

- About Putin himself.

- About the military campaign.

Alex says: "We then put all of these chapters together, added a bit of new material and created a documentary that was about 45 minutes long, which aired on our news channel. See it here. Since that time, we've done six other stories. "

- About a little-known Russian oligarch based in Silicon Valley. His name is Yuri Milner.

- About a young Russian who has a YouTube channel where he speaks to Russians about many verboten themes, like whether Putin is a war criminal.

- About Russian exiles connected to Navalny and others who are now working to bring down Putin's regime from the Baltics.

- Putin's Oldest Enemy -- Mikhail Khodorkovsky interview.

- Sanctions, What Sanctions?

- Are We at a Turning Point Militarily?

- Investigating war crimes in Ukraine.

- Putin┬┤s propoganda machine shifts its tone on Ukraine.