The Nordic Talents Pitch Prize went to Patricia Bbaale Bandak, from The National Film School of Denmark, who pitched her documentary film project Better I go suffer

My mother’s brutal murder has affected my entire life. By talking to murderers and witnesses, I will get to know my mother through her death. Ultimately it will set myself and my daughter free; past, present, future combined.

The Nordic Talents Jury consisting of director May el-Toukhy (DK), producer and director of AVEK Ulla Simonen (FI), producer and managing director of Netop Films Grímar Jonsson (IS), film and TV commissioner at NFI Ståle Stein Berg (NO) and co-production director at London-based Twelve Town, Christian Wikander (SE) states:

"Inviting the audience into the story universe is an essential part of storytelling. Attraccting the attention and keeping it – is crucial. And hard. Doing it when the subject matter is brutal, merciless and devatsating is taking artistic challenge to another level. To be able to celebrate life while at the same time convey the unsentimental brutality of living is next to impossible. This project masters this ballance and left us in awe on so many levels; by its deeply personal engagement, by its sencerity, by its fearlessness – and impressingly enough by its warmth and humor. We want to honor a film maker with a will and abbility to convey personal experiences, even from the darkest corners of life, in an including and relevant manner. 

We are glad to honor «Better I go suffer» directed by Patricia Bbaale Bandak this years first prize."