Truth about Men is an affectionate portrait of a generation of men shrinking from big commitments, yet asking the big questions about life and love.
Mads moves into a house with his lovely girlfriend Marie, when a sudden pang of doubt strikes him. Is this the meaning of life? Has he lived out all his dreams? He drops everything, moves away from his girlfriend and throws himself into a desperate quest to live out his greatest dreams; a quest to find the meaning of life and the one and only.

Jury motivation: "If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh. Otherwise they’ll kill you,” said film director Billy Wilder. Nikolaj Arcel obviously took this lesson to heart. With Truth About Men, Arcel and his crew skewer Modern Man, with all his doubts, truth-seeking, angst, confusion and self-obsession. They do so in a complex and thoroughly professional film language, in which the struggle to write a perfect manuscript goes elegantly hand in hand with the struggle to be a perfect man with a perfect wife and a perfect career. Truth About Men is not just a funny film about unintentionally comical men, but a film with so much bite, wit and insight that you feel far more like cuddling Arcel than killing him.

National jury:
Per Juul Carlsen, Jakob Wendt Jensen & Eva Novrup Redvall