The Orheim Company is both a family drama and a coming of age story about guilt, atonement and the cost of independence. Set in the mid-1980s, the film features Jarle Klepp (15) and his parents who struggle to live under the same roof in Stavanger, Norway. Each member of the Orheim family has his own dreams and hopes but find it hard to cope with everyday life, especially the alcoholic father. The young boy finds his escape through music, political activism and chasing girls. But standing up for himself at home is a tough battle, years later, Jarle has to face the ghosts of his past and consider what his childhood was all about. 

Jury motivation: This is the third film about Tore Renberg's acclaimed character Jarle Klepp. Here is a finely tuned portrayal of a damaged childhood directed by Arild Andresen, where life is darkened by the effects of alcoholism and abuse. Kristoffer Joner gives a great film performance in a nuanced interpretation of the father's tyrannical as well as sympathetic traits, while Cecilie Mosli gives life and strength to a mother who endures everything to protect her little family. Company Orheim is an energetic, compelling and musical portrait of a time, and a little odyssey of a middle class boy's journey towards freedom - impressively personified by the 15-year-old rising star Vebjørn Enger.

National jury: Silje Riise Næss, Kalle Løchen, Britt Sørensen