Writer Emil Wahl and director Kerren Lumer-Klabbers from The Norwegian Film School pitched their feature film Woman Walking.


When a woman starts walking around on a field in an apparently meaningless pattern, her family and the local community goes crazy in the attempt to find out why.

The Nordic Talents Jury consisting of director Amanda Kernell (SE), writer and showrunner Sigurjón Kjartansson (IS), documentary filmmaker Eva Mulvad (DK), producer and owner/CEO of Aamu Film Company, Jussi Rantamäki (FI) and NRK executive producer/commissioning editor, Tone Rønning (NO) states:

"The special mention goes to a pan-Nordic team that that struck us as dynamic and with a creative energy between them. It is a project where an absurd event let’s us see behind the curtain of a dysfunctional family. The project needs developing, but the unique mix of absurdity and psychological realism together with the craftmanship that they both have shown in their graduation film was so intriguing that the jury has decided to give the special nomination to Kerren Lumer-Klabbers and Emil Wahl for the project WOMAN WALKING."