The Nordic Talents Pitch Prize went to Hawa Sanneh and Jimm Garbis, from Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH), who pitched they fiction film project "Lovette"


A surrealistic thriller that challenges the intersection of race and gender. The story follows LOVETTE 20, a mysterious woman who drifts along The Gambian beach, with a hole in her soul that can only be repaired by murdering European men.

The Nordic Talents Jury consisting of Writer/director Milad Alami (SE), Karoline Leth, Producer at Zentropa (DK), actress/writer/director Cecilie Mosli (NO), Steven Meyers, script consultant at the Icelandic Film Centre and film educator (IS) and Elli Toivoniemi, director/producer at Tuffi Films (FI) states:

"The Nordic Talents Pitch Prize is awarded to a project that really struck the Jury as radical, bold and provocative. It is a high concept, producer driven project that offers a much-needed change to the Nordic story landscape through its fresh genre perspective. The prize goes to LOVETTE.

At its core, LOVETTE tackles a really difficult subject in a daring way that needs a lot of story development and therefore the jury strongly encourages the producers to start immediately with seeking a strong writer and director to support and develop the courageous aspects as they steer on the development as a joint creative team. The Jury sees a strong potential for reaching international audiences and festivals and we hereby express our trust in Hawa Sanneh and Jimm Garbis to kick off the project’s development journey - stay ambitious and congratulations!"