Out of Nature is a journey inside Martin´s head and out into the wild nature. Martin is alone on a hiking trip in the mountains and we hear all of his uncensored thoughts and brutally honest observations about himself and the people around him. With thoughts and fantasies ranging from the trivial and infantile to the existential and profound, the film is a portrait of a young man wanting to break the mould.

Jury motivation: In Out of Nature, Ole Giæver portrays a self-reflection of our modern lives and today’s Nordic man. A personal yet forthright narrative conveys a collage of mental imagery to express memories, hopes,  dreams, and emotive atmospheres, yet all in a good humour that addresses embarrassment, shame  and pain. 

Jury members: Silje Riise Næss, Britt Sørensen, Kalle Løchen

For full production notes and high res photos of director, producer and poster see Press Kit. The information is available in the Nordic languages and English.