The National Film School of Denmark came out triumphant of the 11th Nordic Talents Pitch competition when the five member jury including former alumna Lone Scherfig handed out the main Nordic Talent Pitch Prize of NOK 250,000 to Lea Glob for her Human Female Sexuality documentary project.

The jury saw in Lea Glob an “especially talented director whose graduation film Meeting my Father Kasper Højhat was touching and beautifully crafted while dealing with a sensitive and difficult personal issue: the re-construction of an unknown father’s real identity after he committed suicide.

Glob’s five minute pitch of her project Human Female Sexuality backed by research material showing a woman freely expressing her intimate sexual desire and bashfully interacting with the camera further helped the five members-jury come to its final decision. “The pitch was convincing, showing promising material and giving the jury confidence that this can be a unique film about what the director calls ‘the best and yet most complicated part of human life,” said the jury’s motivation statement.

Synopsis: Human Female Sexuality is a constructed documentary film about the present Nordic woman and sex. Through various woman in different ages and with different sexual radiance, the film will curiously engage into the most intimate sexual acts, thoughts and feelings, and explore a rarely documented mystery: what is Human Female Sexuality?

NT11 Jury members: Cecilia Lidin, Documentary Film Commissioner for the Swedish Film Institute, Danish director Lone Scherfig, Finnish director John Webster, and Norwegian Feature Film Commissioner Thomas Robsam and Swedish producer Lars Blomgren.