On Friday 21 January 2022 the Fund invited key decision-makers to discuss the ‘Future of Film at a Crossroads’, and possible ways forward to strengthen the indie film sector.

During the virtual panel organised by Nordisk Film & TV Fond as wrap-up of its industry bridge building ‘Audiovisual Collaboration 2021 initiative, six prominent panellists engaged in an intense discussion and offered slightly contrasting views on what’s best for the independent film industry in the streaming era.

The panelists were: Head of Strategy at Film i Väst Tomas Eskilsson, Claus Ladegaard, head of the Danish Film Institute, Tim King, VP of Production, SF Studios, Lucia Recalde Langarica, Head of Unit/Creative Europe Media, Alexander Bastin, SVP and CEO of NENT Studios, Fredrik Luihn, Head of Acquisition at NRK and Louise Vesth, partner/producer at Zentropa.

The virtual session followed by over 100 industry delegates, was moderated by Thomas Gammeltoft, partner and executive producer at Denmark’s True Content Entertainment.

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