The Nordic Talents Pitch Prize went to director Fanny Ovesen, from The Norwegian Film School, who pitched her fiction film project LAURA (working title).

LAURA (working title) (FIC)
While on a couch surfing trip through Europe, 19-year-old Laura wakes up having had sex with a stranger. She remembers nothing. Torn between guilt and innocence she sets out on a journey which will influence her self-image and close relationships forever.

The Nordic Talents Jury consisting of: Marja Pyykkö (FI), Izer Aliu (NO), Jørgen Lerdam (DK), Madeleine Ekman (SE) and Wendy Mitchell (UK), states:
"We award the top prize to a filmmaker who we think has demonstrated huge talent with a very strong graduation film. We’re confident she has a clear vision of the story she wants to tell, and we can’t wait to see how she explores the complex themes of victimization and blame, and truth and memory."