Veijo Haukka, 50, is a mechanic with a side business of euthanising old and ailing pets. The smaller animals he puts down with exhaust fumes and the bigger ones he shoots with his pistol. Despite his grim job, Veijo stands firmly on the side of the animals. He wants to give the creatures relief, to liberate them from their suffering. Veijo does not necessarily treat the pet’s owners as mercifully. He punishes people who, out of stupidity or selfishness, have mistreated their pets.

The black comedy Euthanizer challenges its audience’s expectations and moral standards. The cinematography and locations subtly reflect the rugged beauty of the movie’s inner world. Matti Onnismaa’s lead performance is not only very convincing, but also reminiscent of Buster Keaton.

National Jury members: Jaana Puskala, Harri Römpötti, Mikaela Westerlund