Three generations of a family gather over a weekend. The sisters Sanne and Heidi have accepted their terminally-ill mother’s desire to die before her disease worsens; but, as the weekend progresses, their mother´s decision becomes harder and harder to deal with, and old conflicts come to the surface.

Jury motivation: Masterfully crafted and played to perfection, director Bille August and screenwriter Christian Torpe  tell a warm-hearted story about an unforgettable weekend where a family has to deal with a  mother’s wish to die. In the typically Nordic tradition of exorcising all skeletons from the closet, the  film dissects one of the most difficult challenges a family can face – saying goodbye to a loved one. 

Jury members:
Per Juul Carlsen, Eva Novrup Redvall, Jakob Wendt Jensen

For full production notes and high res photos of director, producer and poster see Press Kit. The information is available in the Nordic languages and English.