The director and the producer of Cute are the winners of Nordic Talents 2023 Pitch Prize.

Pitched by: Marlene Emilie Lyngstad (director) & Carl Osbæck Adelkilde (producer)
School: The National Film School of Denmark

Logline: Stellas life is structured through repetitive rituals: at work she maintains dead bodies. At home she takes on the identity of a cub-fox owned by her boyfriend, Richard. When Richard’s health is weakened, her systems are starting to disintegrate.

Gratuating film: Norwegian Offspring

This is a bold and innovative take on an important and timely topic. Presented by a director with a distinct voice, she and her team have a genuinely cinematic approach, revealing the hidden realities of both being an object and being objectified in a consumer world where cuteness frequently conceals cruelty.

This is a story we not have seen before and that we are looking forward to watch on the big screen. Congratulations and good luck.