Nominated writer: Matti Kinnunen

CARGO (Rahti)
Finland, 2021
Nominated writer: Matti Kinnunen
Co-writers: Johanna Hartikainen, Tarja Kylmä, Veikko Aaltonen
Director: Matti Kinnunen
Producers: Kirsi Hatara, Rea Dominicy, Joonas Hytönen
Produced by: Fremantle Finland for YLE
Premiere: Autumn 2021
Sales: Fremantle

A young Eritrean woman gets separated from her husband and daughter as they flee to Finland. Two down and out brothers steal a van unaware that there are people hidden inside. After waiting years to adopt a child, a woman becomes the legal guardian of a child whose parents’ whereabouts are unknown.

Matti Kinnunen's bio
Matti Kinnunen, born in Oulu 1966, studied economics and communication before becoming a screenwriter and film director. He has written and directed a large number of acclaimed drama series and two feature films, which have been awarded in many international festivals. Kinnunen favors stories with a strong social anchor.

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