Nominated to Nordic Council Film Prize 2023.

Eveliina, 16, is an outgoing teenager, with a close group of friends and loving parents. But her world suddenly collapses when she finds out her mother is having an affair with a woman. She tries to stop it at all costs in an effort to get her parents back together. When she realises that she is the glue that holds them together, she forms a plan that has both dramatic and comedic consequences.

Bubble is an exceptionally confident, clever, and humorous film about family secrets and growing up into adulthood. Warmth builds out of winter gloom and children become tutors for their parents. The script, written by Reeta Ruotsalainen and director Aleksi Salmenperä, incorporates two generational perspectives, and the film’s understanding of small-town, everyday life in Finland today is fresh, modern, and sharp.