Nomiated writer: Anita Briem

As Long as We Live (Svo lengi sem við lifum)

Iceland, 6x40’
Nominated writer: Aníta Briem
Commissioner: Channel 2 Iceland
Produced by: Glassriver
Producer: Arnbjörg Hafliðadóttir
Director: Katrín Björgvinsdóttir
Sales: Eccho Rights
Premiere: Q3 2023

Beta, a once promising musician finds herself in a marriage at a breaking point, achingly lonely and struggling to be the mother she wants to be to her toddler in the attempt to live inside the neat little box she thinks societal norms require of her. When their new au-pair, a young man, starts to propose little “flirting-assignments” for them to do, Beta is in for a roller coaster ride…