The Danish Film Institute’s new Low Budget Film initiative geared at widening the number and breadth of film talents in Denmark has been endorsed by the industry and the first two projects have been greenlit.

Launched in February as part of the new Film Agreement, the DFI Low Budget initiative covers up to 80% of the budget for films up to DKK 3million, and up to 60% for films up to DKK 6million. Out of the annual total output of 20-26 films a year, 3-6 low budget films can receive support. “We want new talents and companies to get a chance to make feature films earlier than they used to, “explains Claus Ladegaard, (pictured) DFI Head of Production and Development. “We have therefore made it clear to the industry that the DFI will be fast in assessing the applications and that there will be a short development period to enter production as quickly as possible. What’s important is to keep the momentum and enthusiasm from the production sector."

“However low-budget doesn’t mean cheap filmmaking. It’s about creating tight production conditions and challenging new and established talents. It’s also about opening up to new distribution routes as we make no demands for theatrical releases."

The two first supported projects - Villads fra Valby (Villads from Valby) by Frederik Meldal Nørgaard and Anti by Morten BH are produced by the experienced companies Regner Grasten Filmproduktion and Miso Film respectively.

Currently filming, Villads from Valby is a family film based on the popular children’s book series written by Anne Sofie Hammer. The film is set for release on December 25, 2015. Anti is a coming of age film set in the 90s, in the street art/graffiti scene. Filming starts on September 14 and the premiere is set for 2016.

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